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Covos sweeping robot plans the intelligent dust collection amber dg800 of Dibao. How to start

2018 new covos ultra thin recommendation: covos sweeping robot plans the household full-automatic all-in-one machine ultra-thin mopping Dibao intelligent dust collection amber. Specifically, what are the functions of this ecovacs/covos dg800? Are they good or not? Let's take a look at the detailed configuration features, user comments, advantages and disadvantages, I hope that bsi567 falling 3 can help you choose covos

I. configuration features of covos dg800:

Bing Chuang ultra thin planning 2017 flagship new product configuration is stronger, cleaner and more awesome high-performance kPa suction

receive 50 amber intelligent planning system non-destructive dust-proof air duct safety lithium battery flexible jump barrier

accessories assembly 1 free 1 app intelligent control 300ml self constant pressure water tank tempered mirror brand-new amber noise reduction system

II. User comments:

1. It took two days to comment, The function of sweeping the floor is very powerful. Although there is repetition, the result is very clean. Sweep every corner of the home twice before using the function of sweeping the floor. Refer to the manual. When sweeping the floor, the enclosed mop from room to room is better, as long as you wash the mop frequently. It's very comfortable to use. It basically liberates my hands. It's perfect for me with waist disease

2. I can't live without this sweeping robot every day. Every day, Ta conscientiously sucks and sweeps the ground, under the bed, under the cabinet and under the sofa, and sweeps all the dust, debris, dog hair, etc. there are almost no sanitary dead corners in my family now, which is cleaner than me. The route planning is much better than the sweeper I bought five years ago. Given time, TA can sweep it, and the battery capacity is sufficient. It also has the function of wiping the floor, which is also very good! It's really my good helper

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III. advantages and disadvantages:

advantages: beautiful appearance, exquisite, light and flexible, and can go deep into lower and narrower spaces. The planning is more intelligent, and no running and bumping; It covers almost all cleaning methods, and can choose a more reasonable way to clean according to different situations. The water tank is large, the water seepage speed is appropriate, and no watermark is left. There are two remote control methods: remote control and remote control, which can more widely meet the needs of different age groups

disadvantages: no voice interaction; Weak climbing ability; Sometimes the division of bow shaped area is too small, resulting in slow cleaning speed; The dust box of the water tank has a dead corner, so the water tank should be slapped hard to be locked. There are difficulties in fixture design. The degree of intelligence is between random and laser. The cleaning ability and method are the best. The user age has a wide range of applications, and the cleaning speed is the slowest

IV. detailed configuration parameters

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