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Cowers: the artificial intelligence sweeping robot dg70 is the world's first to lead the development of the industry

event: Recently, at the consumer electronics show 2019 in the United States, the cowers sweeping robot dg70 with aivi visual recognition technology was the world's first to apply the latest innovation in the field of floor cleaning to the field of home service robots

1) the application of artificial intelligence technology has greatly improved the intellectualization of products, and has taken the lead in the layout and implementation in the industry. In combination with official news, as early as August 31, 2018, the company has demonstrated its latest innovation in the field of floor cleaning at ifa2018 in Berlin, covos aivi Technology (artificial intelligence and visual interpretation). With the help of artificial intelligence, aivi technology gives robots the ability of deep learning, so that robots can "intelligently" identify and avoid household items (such as cables, shoes, garbage cans and carpets) that usually hinder sweeping robots or vacuum cleaners. This artificial intelligence innovation technology makes cleaning more efficient. Users do not need to participate, but robots do the cleaning work independently. The release of the new product dg70 is another technical iteration after the random class and LDS planning. Covos is leading the industry in both market share and technical reserves, and the outbreak of new products is also worth looking forward to. At the same time, the exhibition revealed that covos is now actively building a robot Internet Ecosystem, so that domestic robots can do deeper work in the home intelligent life circle

2) driven by technology, the functionality and intelligence of sweeping robots have reached a new level, the user recognition has increased significantly, the penetration rate of domestic sweeping robots is at a low level, and the trend of changing from optional products to necessities has strengthened. In the early stage, the functionality of random products was not perfect, which affected the consumer experience, so that its "necessity" attribute was controversial. With the improvement of functionality, the product recognition was getting higher and higher, but at present, the domestic penetration rate was only about 6%, and there was a huge room for growth

3) not afraid of competition, absolutely leading the industry to enjoy growth dividends. We will expand overseas channels and further increase overseas revenue and market share. From the perspective of the global market, the current sea sweeping robot has the advantages of flexible and convenient operation, slow and stable loading, strong body carrying capacity, low penetration rate (about 10% in the United States, about% in Europe), large market space (about 2/3 of the world), and also has the double blessing logic of improving product penetration and company market share. It is expected that the company's overseas revenue and market share will increase rapidly

investment advice and rating: it is estimated that the annual net profit of the company will be 501million yuan, 688million yuan and 9.0 yuan. More and more products will adopt spray free materials of 0 billion yuan. E. it is necessary to mark the plastic bag with QS logo. PS is 1.25 yuan, 1.72 yuan and 2.25 yuan, and the corresponding P/E ratio is 39 times, 29 times and 22 times respectively, maintaining the l0 - the outer dimension of carton length (CM) "buy" rating

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