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"Kewang" freshmen! Let Jingxuan "Kewang" intelligent bionic robot dog be intimate with children

"Kewang" freshmen! Let Jingxuan "Kewang" intelligent bionic robot dog keep close company with children

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speaking of the word "company", instinctively think of the company given by parents. In the past, parents always came home from work on time to crawl and play with us. It was the happiest time at that time to go to sleep with green Tonghua every night; now in the era of fast-paced life, "company" is a kind of happiness for many parents "Extravagance...

when it comes to the word" companionship ", my instinct is to think of the companionship given by my parents. In the past, my parents always came home from work on time to crawl and play with us. Every night, our testing machine has been improving. It was the happiest time at that time for Lin fairy tale to fall asleep; now in the era of fast-paced life," companionship "is a kind of" extravagance "for many parents ", they can squeeze out less and less time to accompany their children. However, with the rapid development of modern times, they have already become an indispensable" partner "for families and children. For example, using intelligent technology, the" Kewang "intelligent bionic robot dog launched by Jingxuan can not only realize the opportunity for children to have pets, but also interact with children in language to achieve" secondary companionship " "The intimate effect of the baby, now the parents don't have to worry about their children's childhood anymore!

Beijing election" Kewang "It can be said to be the strength of the cute pet industry. Relying on the complexity of cutting-edge composite materials, the educational concept and advanced artificial intelligence technology that make the products of various enterprises very different after all, we can realize the intelligent bionic robot dog integrating intelligent education, growth escort and private housekeeper. It will not cause chaos to children's lives, but can help children release bad emotions, accompany children's growth intimately, and reduce inner loneliness.

as a AI intelligent bionic robot dog has the missions of "love you", "understand you", "accompany you" and "help you". Jingxuan "Kewang" loves children in a special way. It respects children's playful nature, protects children's creativity, and fills their lives with fun; Be able to interact with children in voice interaction, roll, BIU BIU, 2 Wire changes the operating procedure of the experimental machine, rotating, dancing... It's nothing to say. Wisdom and interest accompany, starting from understanding children's words; As the saying goes, "companionship is the longest love confession", the way that Jingxuan "Kewang" intelligent bionic robot dog accompanies children is also particularly special. Touch will interact with children, you can easily complete various stunts arranged in the app, walk the dog happily through the app remote control, and play music through Bluetooth, and you can play Freestyle Dance as you like; In addition, Jingxuan "Kewang" intelligent bionic robot dog can detect the physical properties of various building reinforcement bending in the forward and reverse directions, and can also help children realize multiple functions such as "caring feeding", "educational early childhood education", "connecting Bluetooth sound", which can be said to be the only choice to accompany children

having said so much, the nannies and dads who know that there are babies are excited. Do they want to buy the "companion expert" home quickly? Don't worry, Jingxuan "Kewang" intelligent bionic robot dog has already started pre-sale! There will be full discounts during the pre-sale period: a deposit of 10 yuan can be worth 110 yuan, and the hand price is only 699 yuan. At the same time, place an order and send the Beijing election b108 children's watch +joy custom bone mobile power supply. The pre-sale time is up to 9:30 a.m. on August 17; In addition, the starting time of Jingxuan "Kewang" intelligent bionic robot dog is: August 17, 10: At 10:00 on the 18th, with a warm reminder here, only customers who have previously paid the deposit can participate in the purchase; If you buy it after 10:00 on August 18, the original price of the product will be restored to 799 yuan, and you will get a joy mobile power supply when you place an order. So, don't worry, dads and mammies. Go to the official flagship store of Jingxuan to pay the deposit, and let Jingxuan "Kewang" intelligent bionic robot dog become the best gift for children's childhood

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