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Kostron film helps to upgrade the comfort of wearable electronic products

wearable devices have broad market potential, even if there are still some problems to be solved. Kostron skillfully combines different materials and uses the film made of its PU raw materials to protect electronic devices and ensure the comfort of wearers

material adaptation ensures excellent comfort

"customers want wearable devices to be gently affixed to the skin, with good breathability and low allergy." Gerdb schel, a thin film expert at covestro, said. "We skillfully combine different materials to meet customer needs. Through skin friendly and breathable adhesives, waterproof electronic devices are fixed on the wearer's skin for stamping, pinning, transportation and reselling. For this purpose, the company also provides customized PU raw materials."

films made of thermoplastic polyurethane are often used in combination with thermoplastic PU foam to form an outer coating. In addition to protecting electronic devices and ensuring the comfort of the wearer, this layer of film must be as thin as possible to prevent the accumulation of adhesives

by using thermoplastic processing technology, kostron products also make sensor implantation easier to operate without wet chemical process

wearable electronic products are booming

costron uses integrated and sustainable material solutions to promote the development of wearable electronic products, make them more comfortable to wear, and expand their application fields at the same time

a very important target group of wearable devices is customers who pay great attention to health and well-being. Small equipment can ensure physical health, measure body temperature and pulse, and each institution has its own research focus on beat rate and sleep quality

it is expected that products with better or even more intelligent performance in the future will play a role in drug diagnosis and treatment, and even provide accurate drug dosage. This requires the device to remain on the skin and be comfortable to wear compared with pure polypropylene matrix and DLFT compression molding compound

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