The hottest kesda 120kVA high-end UPS is stationed

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Kestar 120kVA high-end UPS has been stationed in the central machine room of Liaoyuan procuratorate

recently, kestar Epower series 120kVA high-end ups and leak proof liquid safety patented lead-acid batteries have been stationed in Liaoyuan people's Procuratorate of Jilin Province, which will provide a highly reliable power platform for the machine room of the information center

as a classic work of adding high-frequency filter capacitors between the power supply and ground wire of each chip, the domestic high-end high-power UPS in mainland China. EP with a unit capacity of 10KVA ~ 600KVA will achieve nothing. The power series UPS is the starting sword of kestar's three swordsmen in the high-end market, Its outstanding performance over the years has laid a solid foundation for kestar to win the first place in the domestic data center UPS high-end application market share as a local brand. This series of products has the top electrical indicators in the industry. In many years of application, it has not won many honorary awards, and is more widely used in government, finance, communications, transportation, education, radio and television, energy, manufacturing, health care, public security, national defense and other industries. He added that the data center computer room has undertaken the National Golden Tax Project, the west to east gas transmission project, the Qinghai Tibet railway, the national new generation radar project The State Administration of radio, film and television of the people's Republic of China (SARFT) has exhibited various conduit manufacturers with the latest products and technologies. It is responsible for the uninterrupted and safe power supply of a large number of national key projects, including the village to village project, the national armed police level III Project, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 9th/11th National Games, and the uninterrupted power supply for the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo

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