The hottest kestar high-end high-power UPS escorts

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Kestar high-end high-power UPS escorts the production line of Harbin Automotive (HTC)

recently, kestar Epower series 80KVA medium and high-power high-end ups and supporting leak proof liquid safety patent lead-acid storage control slow response battery entered Harbin Turbine Plant of Harbin Electric Power Group in China's plastic machinery market, which will provide high reliable power protection for key power equipment of Harbin automotive production line

with a glorious history of half a century, Harbin Turbine Works Co., Ltd. (HTC) is a key construction project during the first Five-Year Plan period in China. It is one of the 53 key state-owned enterprises directly under the central government that are related to national security and the lifeline of the national economy. It is a large-scale state-owned backbone enterprise that mainly designs and manufactures large-scale thermal power units, nuclear power units, industrial steam turbine units, marine active steam turbines and gas turbines The state revitalizes the core backbone enterprises in the northeast old industrial base. After more than 50 years of development, it has become a national large-scale core enterprise focusing on the design and manufacture of large-scale thermal power turbines, nuclear power turbines, marine turbines and heavy-duty gas turbines. The company covers an area of 540000 square meters, and the original value of fixed assets is 780million yuan. It has 24 main production workshops and branches, with 6500 employees and an annual production capacity of 4500mw. It is the main undertaker of the technical development and research of the major heavy-duty gas turbine projects of the National 863 plan. It is the only manufacturing enterprise in the steam turbine industry that has the AP1000 third-generation megawatt nuclear power conventional island technology. It has first-class scientific research and development capabilities and practical strength in the domestic steam turbine manufacturing industry, and has the largest high-speed dynamic balancing machine and vacuum electron beam welding machine in Asia. The overall equipment level is in the leading position in China. The company has formed a batch production of 300MW and 600MW steam turbines; 30 rapid oil discharge 0mw, 600MW direct air cooling turbine; 600MW supercritical steam turbine; The production and manufacturing capacity of ultra supercritical steam turbines above 1000MW, million grade nuclear power steam turbines and heavy-duty gas turbine units is in a leading position in the national steam turbine manufacturing industry, accounting for about 1/3 of the annual output of power station steam turbines in the country. The products cover all provinces and cities except Tibet and Taiwan, and are used in nearly 380 power plants in autonomous regions above various large-scale buildings; At the same time, the products are exported to more than 20 power plants in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and other countries and regions

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