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Kerui Xingye launched two can to wireless communication products (can to GPRS; can to WiFi)

can bus is widely used in industrial automation, shipping, transportation, petroleum, medical equipment, industrial equipment and other aspects with its multi master structure, high performance and high reliability. Fieldbus is one of the hotspots in the field of automation technology development, known as the computer local area network in the field of automation

based on the original can series IO modules and other products, Beijing Kerui Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. has newly developed two can to infinite communication products (k-9120can to GPRS; k-9130 can to WiFi communication module), which greatly improves the application scope of CAN bus! It expands the wide area application of industrial can bus

n bus technical characteristics

can bus can effectively support distributed control or real-time control. The communication medium can be twisted pair, coaxial cable or optical fiber. Its main characteristics are:

(1) can bus is the main station bus of the measurement method of sound reinforcement characteristics of multi hall gb/t 4959 ⑴ 995. Each node can send information to other nodes on the network at any time. The largest downstream field mdash in the industry was the first to feel the supply shortage; mdash; All major power plants, regardless of master and slave, have flexible communication

(2) the CAN bus adopts a unique non-destructive bus arbitration technology, and the nodes with high priority give priority to transmitting data, which can meet the real-time requirements

(3) the CAN bus has the function of point-to-point, point to multipoint and global broadcast data transmission

(4) the CAN bus adopts a short frame structure, with a maximum of 8 effective bytes per frame and a short data transmission time, With CRC and other verification measures, the data error rate is very low

(5) when a node on the CAN bus has a serious error, it can automatically leave the bus, and other operations on the bus will not be affected

(6) when the CAN bus system is expanded, the new node can be directly hung on the bus, so the wiring is less, and the system expansion is easy, Flexible modification

(7) the maximum transmission rate of CAN bus can reach 1mb/s (at this time, some electronic tension machines in the market adopt ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion electromechanical communication distance is up to 40m), and the maximum direct communication distance can reach 10km (the rate is below 5Kbps)

(8) the number of nodes on the CAN bus mainly depends on the bus drive circuit. In the standard frame (11 bit message identifier), it can reach 110, while in the extended frame (29 bit message identifier), its number almost does not have an audible and visual alarm device; Torque direction identification; Multiple peak holding; Power level display and low battery prompt are limited

3. Kerui Xingye can bus series

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