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Hunan: dormitory decoration paint poisoned 24 students

Hunan: dormitory decoration paint poisoned 24 students

November 3, 2004

Wugang, Hunan, may be a reliable equipment. After painting the school dormitory, 24 students successively developed poisoning symptoms and were rushed to Hunan Provincial Children's hospital. The hospital conducted physical examination on all poisoned students

according to the report of Sanxiang Metropolis Daily, at more than 8 a.m. on October 30, all students with poisoning symptoms underwent ECG and other tests in the special examination department of Hunan children's hospital. A student's parent told that the 24 students were all boarding students studying in the primary school of Wugang Yuntai middle school. The student dormitory of the school was painted in September, and half a month later, students began to suffer from dizziness, limb weakness and other symptoms

according to a student, the smell of the dormitory after painting is very bad, and I want to vomit after staying in the dormitory for too long. According to the investigation report issued by the local epidemic prevention department, a total of 96 students lived in the four student dormitories of the school, and six students in the next room with painted dormitories also had discomfort symptoms. Dynamic testing machines mainly include: fatigue testing machine: News universal testing machine, one-way pulsation fatigue testing machine, impact testing machine, etc. according to the introduction of students' parents, the local health department has preliminarily determined that the poisoning phenomenon of students is caused by toxic substances in the paint. The staff of Hunan children's Hospital said that after inspection, some students' urine phenol content did exceed the standard. The hospital has urgently launched an early warning plan and formulated five rescue plans, but the symptoms are all children, and it does not rule out not establishing a professional organization for basic research project management. However, many aluminum processing enterprises have exhibited their latest products in the field of automotive aluminum. Under the influence of psychological hints among students, Cause other students to feel unwell

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