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Hunan Hongyuan valve: small valves "break" into the big world

high temperature and high pressure valves, a field that many people are not familiar with. Don't underestimate this small part. It can be of great use. A 1000 Watt megawatt thermal power unit needs hundreds of them

high temperature and high pressure valves, a field that many people are not familiar with. Don't underestimate this small part. It can be of great use. A 1000 Watt megawatt thermal power unit needs hundreds of them

in this field, there is such a private enterprise in this port, which is competing for the domestic market with the first-class high-pressure valve manufacturers at home and abroad, and "breaking into" a vast sea with valves one by one

this enterprise is Hunan Hongyuan high pressure valve Co., Ltd. located in Zhuzhou County. Its independently developed high-temperature and high-pressure hard seal composite valve has been "equipped" in several power generation enterprises across the country

led the formulation of national standards to fill the domestic gap

not long ago, the method for detecting the internal leakage temperature of steam drainage system valves (gb/t), approved by the National Standardization Administration Committee, was officially published and issued, filling a domestic gap

it is Hongyuan company that led the formulation of this national standard. This "adolescent" high-tech enterprise specializes in the research, production and sales of high-temperature and high-pressure valves

at the beginning of this century, faced with the embarrassing situation that imported high-pressure valves are expensive and domestic products are prone to internal leakage, resulting in increased energy consumption, Zhuzhou power plant, on the basis of carrying out technical research in the early stage, established a multi economy enterprise, which is held by employees, in order to realize the localization of high-pressure valves

"when the product was released in 2003, it was very difficult to coordinate the two. It was difficult to apply for a patent, but it was difficult to open the market. It was only used internally." Said Deng Youcheng, deputy general manager of Hongyuan company. He once worked in Zhuzhou power plant and told him that this multi-economic enterprise was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province at the beginning of its establishment. Due to various reasons, it lost money for years and was acquired in 2006, completing the transformation of "transforming the country into the people", which is called Hongyuan company

in order to develop, we must be old and new

after the restructuring, Hongyuan company insisted on developing industry as always, focusing on solving the "stubborn disease" of valve leakage for power production enterprises; Set about establishing a modern enterprise management system, actively integrate with the market and open up product sales; Attach importance to talent training, vigorously improve R & D capabilities, and take innovation as the foundation of enterprise survival; Actively "hand in hand" with universities and scientific research institutions, and cooperate with Changsha University of technology to establish a "industry university research" base to provide theoretical support for technological innovation... A series of reforms have been carried out vigorously, and Hongyuan company has turned losses into wins and stepped on the right track of development

"Hongyuan company was born due to innovation, solving the problem of easy internal leakage of domestic valves in Chinese classical building color gb/t18934 ⑵ 003 power generation enterprises, and enterprises have successively applied for more than 20 patents." Deng Youcheng said

develop hard sealing composite valves, which are comparable to imported products

in the company's exhibition hall, several blue valves are neatly placed, with a height of about 55 cm, and the shape looks relatively simple

"these are our flagship products. They are high-temperature and high-pressure hard sealed composite valves with different internal structures, including manual and electric." Deng Youcheng said with great interest that after analyzing the root causes of internal leakage of a large number of similar valves at home and abroad, the company worked with Changsha University of technology to tackle key problems, change the single seal structure of traditional valves, fundamentally solve the problem of easy internal leakage and short service life of high-pressure valves, which is the first in the industry and applied for a patent

"we took great pains for this product." Deng Youcheng said that in terms of material, he had hoped to use a kind of cemented carbide produced by Zhuzhou. However, during the experiment, it was found that under high temperature and high pressure, the valve soon disappeared, "it may become powder and be washed away with steam"

the idea was blocked, and the R & D team considered stellite alloy, which was wear-resistant but fragile, and gave up. After continuous tests, a kind of hard alloy with strong hardness was finally used as the base material, and the remanufacturing technology was not significantly improved. The technical level and overall strength were further improved, and the process of plating Stellite on the surface was further improved

after the material problem is solved, how to combine it becomes a problem again? "We can only keep testing. Ball valves and stop valves have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as wear resistance or easy sealing. Learning from each other is the best way." Deng Youcheng told that the composite valve is a double stem and double seal structure, which is popularly understood as "double guarantee", which can not only achieve "zero leakage", but also extend the service life, and complete repair can be achieved in case of internal leakage

"this kind of valve has no competitors in China. Relying on it, the enterprise has survived and become more and more wonderful." Deng Youcheng said with a smile

innovation will not stop, and tomorrow will be better. Hongyuan company also plans to develop intelligent valves, strive to achieve accurate diagnosis of internal leakage, and collect data for the service life of valves in different environments

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