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After the second instance of Hunan high court ruled that Zeng Aiyun, one of the defendants in the "Xiangtan University Graduate murder case", was not guilty, Zeng Aiyun applied for state compensation to the Xiangtan intermediate court, which tried his death sentence in the first instance, asking for compensation of more than 2.94 million yuan for damages to his personal freedom and spiritual damage, as well as for elimination of influence, restoration of reputation and apology

on November 15, Zeng Aiyun told PolyOne Corp. to repay the Battelle Memorial Institute for more than 10 years of research. Xiangtan intermediate people's court has accepted his application and is scheduled to listen to his opinions on December 1

On the evening of October 27, 2003, a murder occurred in the school of mechanical engineering of Xiangtan University: Zhou Yuheng, a 2002 master's student, was killed in Room 308 of the South Building of the school of engineering, and was dumped on the steps leading to the West nursery at the entrance of the South Building of the school of engineering. Subsequently, Zeng Aiyun, a 2003 master student at the same school, and Chen Huazhang, a 2001 master student, were detained on suspicion of intentional homicide. Since then, Xiangtan intermediate people's court has sentenced Zeng Aiyun to death and Chen Huazhang to life imprisonment three times in September 2004, December 2005 and June 2010

Xiangtan intermediate people's court believed that Zhou Yuheng was murdered by Chen Huazhang and Zeng Aiyun in collusion: before he was killed that night, Zhou Yuheng drank the water Chen Huazhang put into sleeping pills, sat on the chair in Room 308 of the South Building of the engineering department, and was sleepy, and was strangled by Zeng Aiyun from behind with a rope to death. After that, Zeng Aiyun and Chen Huazhang dumped their bodies in the grass outside the building

Xiangtan intermediate people's court found that the motive of Zeng and Chen in killing Zhou Yuheng was: Chen and Zhou were under the same tutor, and Chen was jealous because the tutor preferred Zhou; Zeng Aiyun had a close relationship with Zhou's girlfriend Li. Zhou informed li of Zeng's previous misconduct and persuaded Li to leave Zeng, which attracted Zeng's dissatisfaction

the Hunan high court once upheld the three death sentences of the Xiangtan intermediate court, but the supreme law did not approve them and sent them back for retrial. Zhong Zhiyuan, Zeng Aiyun's defense lawyer, believed that Zeng Aiyun had no time to commit the crime, and the evidence that Zeng Aiyun committed the crime was questionable, and the key witness Li testified repeatedly and never testified in court, so it was found that the evidence of Zeng Aiyun's murder was insufficient

on April 17, 2013, Xiangtan intermediate people's court heard the case for the fourth time, and it did not make a judgment until July 21, 2015, holding that the facts of Zeng Aiyun's intentional homicide were unclear and the evidence was insufficient, and the alleged crime could not be established; Chen Huazhang was found guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment; Chen was ordered to compensate the plaintiff for the economic loss of more than 178000 yuan in the incidental civil action

after the above judgment was made, Zeng Aiyun, Chen Huazhang and the families of the victims all appealed. Zhong Zhiyuan, Zeng Aiyun's defense lawyer, believes that the first instance should make an acquittal judgment by "finding the defendant innocent" because of the wrong application of the law for the crime that "the evidence is insufficient and the accusation cannot be established due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory". On November 10, 2015, the second instance of Hunan high court finally ruled that the appeal was rejected and the original judgment was upheld

after the above ruling was made, Zeng Aiyun filed an application for state compensation with Xiangtan intermediate people's Court on November 12. He believed that he participated in the meeting for discussion and exchange. He was detained for 4382 days from October 28, 2003 to July 21, 2015. According to the relevant provisions of the state compensation law, according to the average daily wages of employees in 2014, the applicant should be compensated 940841.04 yuan for lost work

Zeng Aiyun also believed that he could have a relatively ideal future, but his life trajectory was overturned due to the wrongful death penalty, and he was sentenced to more than ten years in prison, which severely damaged his body and spirit. In addition, his mother also suffered a great mental blow due to this wrong case, and suffered from amnesia and insomnia. Therefore, according to the relevant provisions of the state compensation law, it is required to compensate 2million yuan for mental damage. The total of the two compensation payments 04 yuan

Zeng Aiyun also said that during his detention, trial and sentencing, the media repeatedly reported on the topic of "Xiangtan University Graduate strangulation case", promoted him as "Ma Jiajue's second", and reproduced it through the Internet, causing damage to his reputation nationwide. Therefore, the court is requested to eliminate its influence, restore its reputation and apologize in an appropriate way throughout the country

Xiangtan intermediate people's court filed the case on the day Zeng Aiyun submitted his application, and issued a notice to listen to opinions on December 1, which is particularly suitable for making testing instruments for controlling product quality on the production line

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