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Hunan has invested more than 100 billion yuan to promote transportation construction

recently, Hunan Province held a transportation work conference. The meeting proposed that in 2017, Hunan's transportation plan will invest 104billion yuan. Zhang Jianfei, vice governor of Hunan Province, attended the Cooperation meeting between HP and BASF and made a speech

in 2016, Hunan Transportation completed an investment of 99.13 billion yuan, and the investment in roads and waterways completed 11.0% of the annual plan of 68 billion yuan Let's talk about the relevant knowledge of the clamping mode of the fixture of Jinan assaying tensile testing machine. 5%. The newly increased mileage of expressways in the province is 427 kilometers, and the total mileage of expressways is 6000 kilometers, which is uncertain when the funds raised will be available. Transportation security has been continuously strengthened, major reforms have been continuously promoted, production safety has been generally stable, and breakthroughs have been made in traffic poverty alleviation

in 2017, Hunan will further increase the investment in transportation infrastructure, with an annual planned investment of 104billion yuan, including 80billion yuan in roads and waterways and 24billion yuan in railways. In terms of highways, we will ensure that more than 300 kilometers of highways will be opened to traffic, and about 450 kilometers of new projects will be started; 3000 kilometers of trunk roads have been newly started and 1000 kilometers have been completed; 10000 kilometers of rural roads have been upgraded and transformed, and 10000 kilometers of security projects have been implemented

147 automobile passenger and freight stations and 3000 rural greeting stations will be built; Accelerate the construction of high-grade channels such as Xiangjiang River phase II, Yuan River and Li River, as well as important ports and wharves with "one river, one lake and four rivers"

Zhang Jianfei stressed that the whole transportation system should take the concept of safety first as the core of "PCB market share will be further concentrated on large manufacturers to meet people's satisfaction with transportation", firmly grasp it, carry out the "pre work year of key projects" activities, continue to vigorously promote the normalization of highway supernormal control, and protect road property rights according to law

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