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Hunan Daozhou: Sanhe paint factory pollutes the environment of residents to be reported

Hunan Daozhou: Sanhe paint factory pollutes the environment of residents to be reported

June 26, 2009

[China paint information] Sanhe paint factory, a small processing plant, was established in the alley of the residential area opposite the Party School of Daozhou South Road County this year, and its address is the former site of Chengnan plastic processing plant, which has been complained about for a long time, Located in urban residential areas

residents in the residential area near the plant have lived here for 20 or 30 years, and now each household has old people and children. According to the law and national standards, the residential area belongs to the urban noise sensitive area, and on the whole, the buildings are concentrated. The elderly in the nearby residential areas have committed various comprehensive diseases, belonging to high-risk groups and need to rest

the plant equipment did not take any effective measures to prevent and eliminate noise, vibration and other pollution, and allowed the strong noise, vibration and other harmful materials generated by the machine to wreak havoc on the surrounding residential environment pollution and harm. The machine vibrates the foundation and wall of the house next to the neighbors to realize the stealth, lightweight and high strength of the above weapons and equipment, and the noise invades the surrounding residential buildings wantonly. When the elderly and children rest, they are often awakened by the pollutants produced by the machine production, and they can't rest safely in the pollutants. They are irritable, have trouble sleeping and eating, their physical health is getting worse, and their spirit is suffering. During the peak production of high-power machines in the plant, the noise, vibration and other harmful substances caused by the machines are more serious and the situation is worse

during transportation, loading and unloading and production in Sanhe coating plant, toxic and harmful substances such as dust are also produced to the living environment of surrounding residents. It is observed that since the establishment of the factory, experiments have been carried out on the trees in front of the houses around the factory in the alley since they did not return to zero, and most leaves have blackened and necrotic phenomenon. Paint dust or suspension droplets contain toxic and harmful substances, which can float in the air and enter human lungs, and are not easy to be discharged. Long term exposure to this environment is prone to lung and respiratory diseases. At this time, the season has entered the hot summer, the air is dry and hot, and there will be less rain. During the operation of the plant, a large number of dust or suspension droplets dispersed to the surrounding residents' environment will remain in the air for a long time, inhale into the lungs, and will seriously harm the human health of the surrounding residents and threaten the life safety of the surrounding residents

the plant produces noise, vibration, dust and other harmful substances to pollute the living environment of residents, which seriously violates the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental noise pollution, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of air pollution and the property law of the people's Republic of China

residents near Sanhe paint factory hope that the government can strictly deal with it at present, and require the factory to stop production immediately, close down and relocate within a time limit

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