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Hunan energy-saving coatings achieve a breakthrough in the enhanced thermal insulation performance of nano materials

Hunan energy-saving coatings achieve a breakthrough in the enhanced thermal insulation performance of nano materials

July 21, 2008

[China coating information] on the morning of July 18, Hunan Tu Xile New Material Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huasheng Group, announcing that this new energy-saving coating has entered the Hunan construction market in an all-round way. Insiders said that this was a breakthrough in Hunan's energy-saving coating industry, filling the gap in Hunan's high-end coating industry, and boosting Hunan's new industrialization and the construction of a "two oriented society"

joint innovation of industry, University and research, and strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction are the concrete embodiment of the implementation of the strategies of "rejuvenating Hunan through science and education" and "strengthening the province through talents". The industry university research association in Hunan has developed from the initial exchange of scientific and technological achievements to the current all-round and long-term interactive industry university research cooperation and exchange platform of technical talents and information. The industry university research association has become an idea and brand. The comprehensive launch of Tu Xile energy-saving materials is a successful example of the alliance between universities and enterprises

the researcher of the scientific research project, Professor machengyin of Central South University, has been engaged in the research of polymer materials for more than 30 years. Since 2000, he has specially taken the thermal insulation reflective coating as the calibration step of the national future metallographic microscope, and has taken the research and development direction of sustainable development. He is one of the most authoritative experts in the research of thermal reflective coating in China. After painstaking research, he created the heat reflection technology in nano particle coating materials, and made this technology in the leading position at home and abroad. Hunan tuxile New Material Technology Co., Ltd. seized this scientific research achievement in time, successfully introduced the research achievement to the market through more than a year of industrial transformation, and made itself a leading enterprise of similar products in China

according to the comprehensive supporting reform test of resource-saving and environment-friendly social construction in China, and the requirements of promoting the comprehensive supporting reform of Wuhan urban circle and Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration, the application prospect of energy-saving coatings is very broad. Once this energy-saving coating was launched, it received great attention from many real estate companies and large enterprises and institutions with continuous honeycomb structure of heat insulation, and expressed a strong desire to purchase and try it out

chaguofeng, chairman of the company, said that at present, the background of Hunan coating industry is that it is not only a relatively large province of coating consumption, but also a relatively small province of coating production, and the company will put into operation a 20000 ton water-based reflective heat insulation and energy-saving coating production line within this year. It is expected to understand the characteristics of steel strand testing machine and the protection precautions of the equipment from the root of us: to solve the current situation of short supply. At present, a number of powerful companies and individuals inside and outside the province have come to negotiate and act as agents for cooperation matters, and a number of venture capital companies have paid attention to the enterprise

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