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Li Xianqiao in Hengyang, Hunan Province: two "hand in hand" mountain reconstruction machine

Li Xianqiao in Hengyang, Hunan Province: two "hand in hand" mountain reconstruction machine

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speaking of the situation this year, Li Xianqiao in Hengyang, Hunan Province is worried and happy. The worry is that the overall environment this year is not good, and the construction site is insufficient, which is worse than in previous years. "Last year, my two machines were almost finished, and I did 200000 yuan of work, but not this year." Li Xianqiao said, "but I can make it this year. Now I have work every day. Unless it rains, I work outside on sunny days." In the conversation, we can see that Li Xianqiao is an optimistic person

Hunan Hengyang lixianqiao: twice "hand in hand" mountain reconstruction machine

Li Xianqiao entered the industry early and has worked in the excavator industry for more than ten years. It was last year to have his own excavator. In November 2014, he bought a excavator through a friend's introduction. Speaking of his decision at that time, Li Xianqiao thought that he had made a correct choice for self cutting. "I used to work for others. I was tired and didn't earn much." Li Xianqiao was itching when he saw that the excavator master who worked alone made a lot of money. Nearly 100 relevant people from the China Composite Industry Association, customers and media were invited to participate in the ceremony and the customer open day activities. Later, with the help of the excavator Master Liu, they bought a jcm921d excavator. At that time, Li Xianqiao also joined the project because he caught up with the good opportunity of the Hengyang municipal government to build the Hunan Jiangxi bank scenic belt project. He was too busy to work alone and hired a master. Even so, Li Xianqiao was still too busy to touch dust

speaking of the most brilliant days of his career, Li Xianqiao still misses them. Because he was too busy, it was less than a month to buy the first excavator. At the beginning of December 2014, Li Xianqiao bought another excavator. This time, he bought the mountain reconstruction machine jcm921d. In fact, before Li Xianqiao decided to buy a second machine, salespeople from other brands came to him and recommended his brand to him. However, Li Xianqiao chose jcm921d to "hand in hand" the mountain reconstruction machine again

what moved Li Xianqiao to choose mountain reconstruction machine again among many excavator brands? At that time, in addition to the jcm921d of Li Xianqiao, there were also some excavators of other brands working on the construction site of Hengyang urban scenery belt. After working for threeorfour days, Li Xian decided on the performance and efficiency of the excavator. During this time, if the user is not satisfied with the experimental data, he can press the delete key to delete the jcm921d of the experimental bridge. The excavator master on the scene had to take a fresh look at the excavator of the mountain reconstruction machine. Li Xianqiao has a say in reducing the use or not using raw materials with low boiling point, high volatility, or containing toxic and harmful elements and compounds (such as lead, cadmium, halogen and other elements, formaldehyde and other compounds), "it should be said that it ranks among the top two domestic excavator brands." Li Xianqiao mainly works in shifts at ordinary times. He can deal with the excavator easily. Even if he does the work, Li Xianqiao is also at ease with his excavator

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