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North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. is the first domestic core embedded hardware product of North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd.

North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. is a powerful manufacturer with great influence and appeal in the industrial computer industry, and has been engaged in the embedded computer field for more than 20 years. For a long time, North China industrial control and domestic computer hardware manufacturers, including industrial computer manufacturers, have adopted chip products from foreign chip manufacturers such as Intel and AMD. Of course, the vast majority of the global CPU market is monopolized by these two oligarchs. We have no choice but to adopt their products. Of course, it is undeniable that their product performance and quality really live up to the name

cpu, as the core component of computer and computer technology, is related to the performance of computer hardware products and has always been valued by computer hardware manufacturers. At the same time, CPU is an important parameter for computer users to choose and buy, which makes computer manufacturers choose the best CPU. Naturally, it is natural to choose the products of Intel and AMD. However, with the development of the computer industry over the years, the call of domestic computer manufacturers for domestic CP lightweight, which means producing and packaging u chips with less materials, is becoming more and more urgent? Why

these foreign chip giants have been in a monopoly position for a long time, and there is no other chip brand to threaten and impact them. As a result, computer manufacturers have no say in product price negotiation and technology introduction, although they lack a big breakthrough in material lightweight. For a long time, no matter in terms of price, or in terms of products and technology, they have been controlled by others. Therefore, in recent years, driven by the national policy incentives and market demand, the research and development of domestic independent chips has entered a period of rapid development. Excellent domestic chip brands such as godson, Shenwei and Feiteng were born. After long-term technology research and development and technology accumulation, these brands have become more and more excellent in product quality and performance. Let's talk about the ft-1500a series processor launched by Feiteng in March last year

ft-1500a series processor is a 64 bit general-purpose CPU, compatible with arm V8 instruction set, and adopts internationally advanced 28nm process chips. It has the characteristics of high performance and low power consumption. After testing, ft-1500a series processor has the same performance as Intel's processor in 2010, and some of its performance is slightly superior. It can replace Intel's medium and high-end Xeon server chips, and can be applied to information systems in various industries

at the same time, this Feiteng processor has advanced technology (it adopts the 64 bit arm V8 architecture, with its advantages of high performance and low power consumption, it has effectively broken through the wall of performance and power consumption, and can gradually replace the x86 market in many fields by copying it to the installation directory) Self controllable (the openness of arm enables the R & D team to carry out free and independent independent R & D and innovation to ensure controllable product performance, safety, power consumption, etc.), safe and reliable (the domestic Feiteng processor chip and the domestic Kirin operating system are used to form a domestic closed loop on software and hardware, with higher security) Sustainable development (arm, as a mainstream architecture, is strongly supported by mainstream chip foundries and can be supplied sustainably). In view of these advantages, Feiteng processor is expected to be popular in the market and widely used in many fields in the future

nowadays, the performance of domestic chips has gradually narrowed the gap with that of inte metal data tensile testing machine scaffold tensile testing machine L, AMD and other brands. At the same time, its advantages in self-control, safety and reliability have become more prominent. This year, North China industrial control has also launched an embedded industrial motherboard cpci-8550 based on the domestic chip Feiteng processor ft-1500a/16. At the same time, North China industrial control has adopted the domestic operating system Kirin system, So this embedded industrial computer product can be called the all China class. Of course, this is of nodal significance in the course of the industrial control industry in North China

as for the built embedded motherboard cpci-8550 based on domestic independent chips, it will certainly become a high-quality product, which can provide customers with more cost-effective product technical solutions for specific needs. So why does North China industrial control have the strength to ensure that this pioneering node product can be of high quality and well made? This is because North China industrial control has more than 20 years of experience in the R & D and production of industrial computers. At the same time, it has been developed and designed by the R & D team of North China industrial control, and is produced by the modern leading production base and advanced production line of North China industrial control in Huizhou, Guangdong. Its product quality is guaranteed. It is believed that the first embedded motherboard of North China industrial control equipped with domestic Feiteng processor will set off a wave of localization in the industrial control market with the advantages of good performance, safety, reliability and self-control

introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control is a leader in the professional computer industry and a leader in the field of industrial control computers. We have been deeply engaged in the industrial computer industry for decades, and our quality and reputation have won high praise from the industry and the market. The main products of North China industrial control include industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories

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