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Beijing glass Zhengwang has not been troubled by overcapacity. High tech glass has made a leap against the trend

the economy has slowed down. Overcapacity is now the biggest problem perplexing glass deep processing enterprises. However, Beibo Zhengwang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xiangyang, has not been troubled by such problems. Relying on technological research and development, quality upgrading and structural adjustment, they have won a large number of orders with characteristic products and achieved a counter trend leap

recently, I came to Beibo Zhengwang company, located in Shenzhen Industrial Park, Xiangyang City. On the glass production line, batches of laminated automotive glass were continuously produced. They will be installed on vehicles produced by Dongfeng company and other well-known manufacturers

Beibo Zhengwang company, founded in may2010, has not caught up with the best development period of the glass deep processing industry. In recent years, the construction glass market has been very active, with more than ten glass deep-processing enterprises in our city alone. Facing the severe market situation, Bob Zhengwang company decided to take the differentiation route and locate the high-end from the beginning. Invested more than 2million yuan to jointly develop Low-E high-tech energy-saving glass, coated energy-saving glass, bulletproof glass and other high-tech products with Luoyang north glass company. Due to its high technical content and high added value, it has broken through the encirclement of many glass production enterprises. This year, the company has achieved an output value of more than 200million yuan, an increase of 40% over the same period last year

North Glass Zhengwang also cooperates with Minfa group and other well-known real estate enterprises to jointly operate building glass production lines. As soon as the product goes off the production line, it is directly pulled to the construction site, and there is no need to worry about sales. At present, the orders of the whole year are full

lixiushan, general manager of architectural glass of Beijing Zhengwang Glass Co., Ltd., told: "it is precisely because we have taken the initiative to go out and jointly opened up production lines with enterprises to meet the production needs of enterprises. Products can be delivered directly from the factory to the construction site. Blind production is reduced, logistics costs and product pressure are reduced, and the enterprise has directly realized zero inventory."

providing supporting facilities for houses and cars is a matter of vital importance. BSG Zhengwang always puts product quality control in the first place. In September this year, a construction site in Shiyan reported that a batch of glass they bought would glow red under the sun. Although it was not a quality problem, the company still accepted the return and replaced the whole production line and raw material suppliers

in this regard, chenshuding, sales manager of Beibo Zhengwang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., told: "feedback from the construction site indicates that our products are no longer suitable for the current market. Therefore, we add new equipment, enhance production and processing capacity, and determine the position of our products in the market competition. We are high-end products, and customer satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction."

facing the situation of economic slowdown and contraction in the construction industry, he designed three futures for the graphene industry: carbon fiber Zhengwang company seized development opportunities in the crisis and quickly adjusted the product structure. In May last year, it invested 150million yuan to introduce foreign high-end automotive glass production lines and develop automotive safety glass, automotive laminated glass, side window tempered glass and other products. The annual production capacity is 300000 sets, and the annual GDP can reach 250million yuan. Due to its good quality and low price, the company has provided supporting products for Dongfeng Motor, Hubei Chaoyi Technology Co., Ltd., Xiangyang Qunlong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and other well-known auto manufacturers

in September, 2013, the company signed a contract with Xiangzhou District government to acquire 150 mu of land in Xiangyang international logistics park. It is expected to add two more high-end automobile glass production lines to provide complete vehicle support for large automobile manufacturers in Hubei. At present, the land acquisition has been completed, and the construction is planned to start in early 2015

at the end of the interview, this testing machine is applicable to all kinds of waterproof coiled materials, coatings, rubber Wangshiyan, general manager of the Department of woven fabrics and small cross-section metal filaments, told: "the enterprise mainly focuses on the matching of high-grade automotive glass. It plans to invest 1 billion yuan to form a matching of 700000 sets of automotive glass with production capacity. After the project is put into operation, it can reach an output value of 1.5 billion yuan. It can not only enrich the product structure of the enterprise, but also improve the competitiveness to deal with market risks." Zhonghua glass () Department

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