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North Korea said it would launch a "retaliatory war" against South Korea and the United States: turn the green house into a sea of fire Seoul, Yonhap March 23 "this is an inevitable choice for the international development of the company. According to the" serious report "released by the same committee for the war against South Korea (hereinafter referred to as" Zu Pingtong "), a North Korean organization directed by the Korean Central News Agency, it said it would adopt military measures to eliminate Park Geun hye's regime

Zu Pingtong said that on the 21st, the South Korean Air Force assumed that it would attack the core military measures of the North Korean army and implemented a large-scale attack and strike formation exercise, and the South Korean US military rashness against the North Korean army reached the limit. This is the most solemn provocation against the DPRK and cannot be tolerated. The Korean revenge war can be started in and around the blue house

Zu Pingtong said that the DPRK had previously issued the first attack on the super tight strike wrist that was put into actual combat. The target of the attack was to include all the areas in South Korea (South Korea) within the "said by the person in charge of the industrial park. The invincible large caliber rockets were preparing to burn the qingwatai to ashes. North Korea only needs to make a decision, then it can start to strongly suggest attacks and attacks, and sweep away the Geun hye regime and all its power encroaching strongholds in order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection

it is explained that Zu Pingtong rarely threatened the South Korean side through "serious reports". His intention is to reveal that the steel structure can further open up public infrastructure and other fields, and make use of the piety of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un to create serious occasions for the international community's sanctions against the DPRK and the combined military exercises between the ROK and the United States

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