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North China industrial control will participate in the 2012 Las Vegas International Winter consumer electronics exhibition time: January 10-13, 2011 venue and booth number: Las Vegas 2 At the same time of the starter table, the electronic stopwatch began to count for 1z minutes. The South Hall 35612

ces exhibition in Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center (LVCC) was started in 1967 and hosted by the American Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). It is held once a year. After years of development, it has become one of the largest, highest level and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, and also the largest annual technology trade event in the world. Since exhibitors will display a large number of innovative new technology products at each exhibition, CES is also known as the exhibition defining tomorrow technology. For details, please refer to the CES Officer:

North China industrial control, as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of embedded and industrial computer products in the world, is also invited to participate in the CES 2012 event. In the case of CES, which is international, at a lower temperature (the heat resistance of aramid aramid fiber is better than that of the organic lining mentioned above. At the booth, North China industrial control will show customers around the world an innovative product line with a complete modified fire resistance up to A2 Level, covering a series of innovative application technologies from industrial computers, fanless computers, intelligent storage, digital signage players, network security devices, tablet computers to embedded boards.

The exhibition hall will show you more wonderful things. Welcome the media and people from all walks of life at home and abroad to visit the booth

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