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Northern heavy industry group held a commendation meeting for employees' technological innovation achievements northern heavy industry group held a commendation meeting for employees' technological innovation achievements recently, northern heavy industry group held a commendation meeting for employees' technological innovation achievements and an exchange meeting for innovation achievements in 2014. Genghongchen, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of North heavy industry group, wangxuemin, general manager and other company leaders, party secretaries of branches, deputy general managers in charge of technology and production, trade union chairman, members of award-winning projects for technological innovation achievements and some front-line employees attended the meeting

Liulin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and chairman of the trade union of North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., presided over the meeting and made a summary report on the implementation of the evaluation activities of employees' technological innovation achievements. This year, the technology fully meets the requirements of gb16491 (1) 996 for the experimental machine. The selection of technological innovation achievements mainly has the following three characteristics: first, the innovation achievements are close to the actual production and make outstanding contributions to the production and operation; Second, compared with the past, this year's selection of innovation achievements pays more attention to the practicality of the project and the actual value created; Third, the field of innovative achievements has been greatly expanded compared with the past. The diamond special edition of vertusignature is inlaid with a whole or half row of diamonds on both sides of the fuselage. The group company strictly enforces the evaluation criteria, and will not award the projects that only stay in the design stage, are not introduced to the market, and do not create economic benefits for the company. The judges prefer the projects with novel innovative ideas, which can be clearly seen on the electronic tensile testing machine deformation (or stress-strain) curve, are difficult to innovate and have obvious market application effects

then, guanlinlin, the duplicate Minister of the labor union work headquarters, read out the decision on Commendation of 2014's employees' technological innovation achievements. The conference commended 47 outstanding technological innovation achievements. This year, the trade union of the group collected 186 innovation projects, including 86 in product research and development, 95 in production and manufacturing, and 5 in information management. Jihongbo of the transportation equipment branch, menglina of the mining and metallurgical equipment branch, xuelianjie of the metal structure branch and wuwenyuan of the major parts processing branch respectively briefly introduced their own projects and made exchange speeches in combination with their own posts

finally, Geng Hongchen, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of North heavy industry group, made an important speech. He affirmed the efforts made by the front-line staff in their work, and stressed the need to vigorously promote this kind of innovation with technical connotation, and strengthen the promotion. He said that China's economy is in the stage of adjustment and transformation with the superposition of three phases. Economic development has shifted from speed based extensive growth to quality and efficiency based intensive growth. The most important thing is that people should change from passive work to active work. The technological innovation of North heavy industry should have the following three characteristics: first, innovation is benefit. Through innovation, we should improve the technical content of products, improve the process level, improve the market competitiveness and brand image. Second, innovation is to improve quality. While focusing on improving the technical ability of employees, we should pay attention to the cultivation of employees' personal cultivation and quality, so as to turn the employees of North heavy industry into knowledge-based and high-quality industrial workers. Third, innovation is the future. Innovation is the trend. Without innovation, there will be no progress and development of enterprises. With the economic adjustment of the country, North heavy industry should follow the trend and become a backbone enterprise with core competitiveness in the international market. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of every employee through the good development of the enterprise

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