Oushilai wall cloth and Huang Shengyi create a fai

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In Huang Shengyi's beautiful photos, the warm, fresh, artistic and natural feeling, of course, has the effect of late filters, but its own color matching and scene construction cannot be ignored. Let's have a look with osley wallcovering

Huang Shengyi, the image spokesperson of oshilai wallcovering, signed a contract with oshilai wallcovering in April, 2018 and became the image spokesperson of oshilai wallcovering. Choose Huang Shengyi as the spokesperson

some time ago, the star AI street shot a group of beautiful blockbusters by Huang Shengyi. The overall picture of the photo is more warm in color, with light gray as the background wall and milk coffee, logs and brown yellow as the foreground, giving people a fairy and warm feeling

as Huang Shengyi showed, the smile is full of the smell of sunshine. Under the weak appearance, there is indeed a strong woman in the heart. Huang Shengyi has his own plans and ideas for work, family and life. He never gives up easily and sticks to every effort for his dream

the warm, fresh, artistic and natural feeling in the photos, of course, has the effect of late filter, but its own color matching and scene construction cannot be ignored

Scene 1

soft and warm brown system

as if in a small courtyard

flying into a yellow butterfly


time flows away

but you

don't know sadness

warm brown yellow system

there is always a bit of sunshine

but it's not as hot as the sun

adds a little tenderness to the earth

making the whole space as soft and warm as a mother's arms

Literature and art

there is also a little retro

Scene 2

black and white stripes

such as butterflies flapping their wings

somewhat domineering and neat

but slightly weakened by white

in soft scenes


ethereal fairy gas

in this group of photos

is not actually there.Many brownish yellow tones are in it

but the role of light

makes the whole scene look warm

visible brownish yellow The harmony of color system is very strong

Scene 3

brown and green

this is the most common color combination in nature


vigorous vitality


warm tolerance

let the whole space

be full of

gentle taste

the brown yellow system is really versatile.Sharp weapon

it seems to have magic

it can make any space

appear soft and neutral


suitable for people of all ages

it can be immortal, sweet and retro

the charm of brown Department

no matter which style

it can't stop

it's not so beautiful

but it can see the extreme

(image source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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