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A reasonable decoration budget is very important. It is the basis for the orderly progress of the whole decoration process. If you really want to save time, worry and money, you have to rely on it

a reasonable decoration budget is very important. It is the basis for the orderly progress of the whole decoration process. If you want to save time, worry and money in real implementation, you have to rely on it

then, what should we do with the decoration budget? Why do many people overspend? Today, baidebao health board brand will tell you about the decoration budget

I. what is the decoration budget

home decoration generally has four large expenditures:

1. Basic decoration, kitchen and bathroom equipment

2. Furniture

3. Decorations

4. Household appliances

first of all, clarify the required materials

do the decoration budget. First of all, you should know that the decoration budget roughly includes material costs, labor costs, design costs, and management costs

before making the decoration budget, the owner needs to discuss with the designer to let the designer draw the house design drawing. The designer will consider the materials used according to this figure when designing. In order to retain customers, the designer will also try to use cheap and good materials

then calculate the material cost

after the designer draws the drawings, the owner will calculate the material cost. Generally speaking, the materials that must be used for decoration include guest bedroom, kitchen and bathroom

a, living room and bedroom decoration budget

1 Building materials: floor tiles, paints, skirting lines, floors, coatings, gypsum lines

2 Lamps: main lamp, spotlight, floor lamp

3 Fabric art: curtain

4 Hardware: curtain slide, door lock, door stopper, hinge, switch panel, power socket, TV socket, air conditioning socket

b, kitchen decoration budget

1 Building materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceilings, cabinets

2 Lamps: main lamp, spotlight, cabinet lamp

3 Electrical appliances: stove, range hood

4 Hardware: sink, sink faucet, floor drain, door lock, door stopper, hinge, switch panel, power socket, angle valve

c, bathroom decoration budget

1 Building materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceiling

2 Lamps: main lamp, spotlight

3 Electrical appliances: ventilator, Yuba

4 Sanitary ware: toilet, bathtub, shower screen

5 Hardware: toilet paper rack, storage rack, towel bar, bath towel rack, soap rack, clothes hook, bathtub faucet, door lock, door stopper, hinge, switch panel, power socket, angle valve, shower, faucet for basin

the owner needs to make a rough estimate of the material cost according to his own economic ability. First, control the total price, and then ask the price in the market. The owner first lists the list of materials, and then runs to the building materials market to calibrate the approximate price of each material. Don't be afraid of trouble. At least run three building materials markets. Basically, the owners of three building materials markets can understand the approximate price of materials, so that they won't be fooled by building materials merchants

next is the budgeted labor cost

the total labor cost can be obtained by multiplying the daily salary of each worker by the number of people and days, which can also be negotiated with the decoration company

the design fee should be carefully considered

in order to save money, many people don't hire designers. However, if there is no reasonable design at the beginning, it is easy to have problems in the construction process. If there are problems, they will have to be reworked, which will cost more money. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether to spend this money

however, when selecting designers, the owner should not believe the design drawings given by the designer, because you don't know whether it was designed by him. The owner can talk more about his design ideas and previous design cases with the designer, and see whether the designer has a deep foundation from the conversation

finally, the budget of management fee

management fee is the cost that the decoration company needs to send cars, people to help buy materials, enter the site to supervise the work and coordinate all aspects when decorating for the owner. There is still a lot of room for coordination and negotiation between this cost and the decoration company

second, how to understand the budget table of the decoration company

understanding the budget table of the decoration company is the premise not to be fooled

as long as we understand what the decoration budget table includes and how to look at these contents, the budget table will not be so profound

first of all, find out what parts the budget table is composed of.

a formal budget table is roughly divided into two parts: the first part is the header, and then the classification of budget items

the head of the budget table needs to have the decoration company name, contact number, contact address, customer name, contact number, construction address, designer, budget date and version, and room structure. These are the basic information of customers and decoration companies. We can basically see the importance and formality of a decoration company to the budget

the classification of budget items is generally as follows: serial number --- project name --- unit --- quantity --- unit price of main materials --- unit price of auxiliary materials --- unit price of labor --- total --- brand specification and process --- remarks

① serial number/Project Name: you can see how many projects need construction at home, and you can see where there are missing items and omissions in combination with the drawings

② unit: you can know the pricing method of the decoration company and check whether the decoration company is greasy when making the budget

③ quantity: it is a data to calculate the total quantities, which can verify whether the decoration company calculates more or less quantities

④ unit price of main materials: the item with the largest purchase amount in decoration engineering, whose accuracy directly affects the total expenditure of decoration

⑤ unit price of auxiliary materials: auxiliary materials are the main content of the profit of a half bag decoration company, which is related to how much money he can earn

⑥ labor unit price: this item involves future settlement, especially for the person who clears the package. Sometimes, the labor unit price can also show the quality of life

⑦ brand specification and process: it mainly refers to the brand, model and some construction processes of main materials or auxiliary materials

⑧ note: for some other specific agreed clear signs, especially in the case of half package, which are provided by the owner and which need to be purchased by the decoration company, they can be marked here

finally, understand how to look at the budget table

the correct order of looking at the budget table is: first look at the budget attachment, then the budget agreement, and finally the budget list. After getting the budget statement, most people go straight to the budget list, because everyone is most concerned about the price, but they often can't understand it

the suggestion of baidibao health plate brand to you is: the first step should first look at the budget attachment and agreement

The budget annex is an outline of the budget table, which defines the rights and responsibilities of both parties, pricing basis, cost calculation method, acceptance method, payment method, etc. After understanding the budget annexes and agreements, we basically clarify the context of the entire budget table. Then look at the decoration budget list at a glance

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