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Comparison of corrugated boxes between China and the United States, Japan and Europe (II)

Fourth, the front carton and the back carton

the front of corrugated board produced in the United States, Japan and Europe and the back of carton processing are equipped with complete equipment, single-purpose functions and diverse varieties, and the level of the front and back is the same. As the manufacturing industry pays more and more attention to the appearance of cartons, post-processing equipment is very particular. Manufacturers behind cartons develop various new processes to meet the needs of users. For example, in Canada, there are 129 carton factories, 45 production lines, 63 processing cartons in the back road, more than 900 processing equipment in the back road, and the supporting facilities for processing cartons are very complete

there are many small factories for the post processing of cartons in China, with various equipment and few good equipment. Most of them are low-grade printing slotting machines and nailing machines, and many of them are second-hand equipment. Processing cartons is shoddy. It doesn't matter to close the factory if you earn some money a day. It's common for small factories to open and close

fifth, miniaturization and lightweight of paperboard

the world's carton technology is becoming more and more advanced. In order to reduce costs and increase profits, the proportion of micro corrugated cartons in the United States has become larger and larger in the past decade, and the carton quantity is as small as 500-510 grams/square meter. The corrugated structure is diversified, and the commonly used a, B, C, D corrugated. On the basis of e micro corrugated, F, G, n micro corrugated has been developed, and the miniaturization of cartons has become a new development trend. For the lightweight of corrugated boxes, single-sided three-layer corrugated boxes account for 89.4%, double-sided five layer corrugated boxes account for 9.5%, and seven layer corrugated boxes account for 1.1%. In Japan, three-layer corrugated boxes account for 84%, and the use of base paper is developing to a lower weight

in China, double-sided five layer corrugated boxes account for 80%, single-sided three-layer corrugated boxes account for 15%, and seven layer corrugated boxes account for 5%. The low gram weight of paper has just begun to be promoted. Compared with the lightweight cartons of the United States, Japan and Europe, our cartons are weighted. This is a serious waste of resources. If we don't change it, we will be punished one day

sixth, corrugated boxes should expand the market

in order to maintain the steady development of carton manufacturing industry, the United States imports a large number of base paper from Canada and Mexico, and then exports a large number of processed cartons to Canada and Mexico. In Japan, 60% of corrugated cardboard is used to process Cartons, and the remaining 40% is used to manufacture other products

China's corrugated board production capacity is seriously surplus. The only processed corrugated board cartons produced are not exported, nor do they develop new products in the market, so there is no new way to live. This is a passive situation caused by the simplification of corrugated board in China. We should admit that our brain is not as alive as foreigners. If our carton pattern does not change, we will still make cartons from cartons, which will block the road to a strong country

scientific development and system improvement

first, the carton manufacturing industry is an important part of GDP

the experience of the world's corrugated power and the lessons of the world's corrugated power have eloquently proved that the carton of a country or a region at the same time, the price of lithium carbonate abroad is gradually rising, and the manufacturing industry must develop synchronously with the GDP of the country and region where it is located. It is a normal virtuous cycle that the water rises and the ship rises. According to the size of GDP, it fluctuates slightly up and down. In this regard, the world's corrugated power is very mature, and we, as the world's corrugated power, are very naive

the manufacturing industry in the United States deserves our attention. From the 1980s to 1990s, the manufacturing of a large number of products in the United States was outsourced to China, such as toys, shoes, clothing, home appliances, computers, etc., which were processed and exported to the United States by China. Therefore, China became the "world factory" of the United States. China's economy of the world factory was restricted by the manufacturing industry of the United States, which also directly affected China's carton manufacturing industry. The United States also transferred high-tech and software to India, so that India became a "world office", and India solved the employment of hundreds of thousands of people, generating an annual income of more than 12 billion US dollars. A friend called me in the United States. The charge per minute is equivalent to 0.23 yuan, which is cheaper than 0.3 yuan/minute in our city. Compared with China, 3. Long distance with peak memory function is even more incomparable. What's the reason? My friend told me: actually speaking in India. However, the carton manufacturing industry in the United States does it by itself, imports a large amount of base paper from abroad, and exports a large amount of processed cartons abroad, so that the development of American cartons remains balanced for a long time. This is a mature veteran of carton power, that is, scientific development

second, we check the wear degree of needle valve, which is a large consumer country, but not a developed country

China's consumption of steel, chemical fertilizers, televisions, refrigerators, personal computers, rice and wheat has surpassed that of the United States and become the world's largest consumer, but we are not yet a developed country. The GDP of the United States accounts for 35.5% of the world GDP, and that of China accounts for 0.9% of the world GDP. Therefore, the economy of the United States often affects the world economy and also restricts the economy of China. Hubei Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. sold 265 corrugated production lines in 2003, which is known as the first in the world. There were 660 production lines in the United States in 2003. In the same year, there were 3000 carton production lines in China, which was several times more than the total production lines in the United States, Japan and Europe. The increased production lines in a year also exceeded the total production lines in Japan. What does it mean? The excessive number of production lines does not mean that our cartons are mechanically capable. Congratulations to our customers in Cangzhou, Hebei Province for ordering our strong tensile machines. On the contrary, it is a serious waste, exposing our blind behavior, not scientific development

third, the carton manufacturing industry is a complete system

our drawback is that in the period of planned economy, unification will die, and it will turn into a market economy, which will be in chaos as soon as it is released, and it has been developing in chaos. It reflects that we do not have a complete understanding of the carton system and lack scientific management of the industry. The free development of market economy, without modern scientific management and unrestricted development, will inevitably lead to the destruction of the carton system. In recent years, the irrational market competition has caused the industry to cannibalize each other, which is not only the destruction of cartons, but also the destruction of the carton system. You know, it is easy to destroy but difficult to build. We should use the scientific concept of development to improve the carton system

the young Chinese market economy has provided a platform for China's carton manufacturing industry. We have paid a high and painful price on the road from the world's largest carton producer to a powerful country. There are losses, there are gains, there must be losses. However, we firmly believe that after the baptism of market economy, China's ideal of becoming a world power in corrugated boxes will be realized

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