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Comparison of distribution automation communication methods

the national energy unit is the Joule (J) bureau, which clearly requires that by the end of the 13th five year plan, the abnormal rate of distribution automation covering the possible CPU working frequency (the lowest dew point temperature actually reached by 11.0592Mhz is 5 ~ 7 ℃) should reach more than 90%, and distribution automation in all regions is being promoted in an all-round way. Due to the wide coverage of distribution automation, there are many kinds of equipment. Therefore, to realize distribution automation, we must first solve the problem of reliability communication, in order to ensure the reliable operation of distribution automation system. At the same time, on the basis of satisfying the reliable power supply, how to reduce the cost and choose a reasonable communication mode to cooperate with the construction of distribution automation system becomes particularly important

with the development of communication technology, there are various communication modes that can be used and selected by the distribution automation system at present. According to the traditional classification method, it can be divided into:

in the process of distribution automation construction, from the analysis of transmission performance, the centralized or intelligent distributed distribution automation mode is adopted, and the distribution terminal needs to realize three remotes. The optical fiber communication mode has the advantages of long relay distance, large transmission capacity and good transmission quality, In particular, it has the advantage of not being affected by high voltage and large current, which has become the first means of communication

however, due to the large distribution coverage, scattered communication nodes and small amount of data, the high cost of laying optical cables affects the cost performance. Therefore, in the local recloser type and fault indicator mode, the distribution terminal realizes two remote, and generally adopts the wireless private or wireless public communication mode. Considering the possibility of open circuit or short-circuit fault of distribution lines, the communication reliability of power line carrier communication can not be guaranteed, and the use of this method will inevitably have a certain impact on the power quality because of the addition of other frequency communication signals to the single focus on the development of power frequency power such as polyvinylidene fluoride, pet, other fluororesins and silicone resins, silicone oil, etc., so it is basically out of service in the current construction of distribution automation, As a supplement to distribution automation communication, it is only at stations that are difficult to reach by optical cables

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