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The "western development" of electronic measuring instruments and technology

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in the past five years, Agilent technology, a global testing and measurement giant, has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in Chengdu to establish a Chengdu base side by side with Beijing and Shanghai bases, forming the strategic layout of three bases in Chinese Mainland. Agilent instruments made in Chengdu have successfully gone global. Unilever group, one of the largest local instrument and meter enterprises, has also set up its R & D and production base in Chengdu. At present, it is one of the few important instrument and meter brand enterprises with global business layout in China. The success story of Agilent and Unilever in Chengdu is only a microcosm of many test and measurement enterprises entering the West. In addition to direct investment in the establishment of R & D and production bases, many test and measurement equipment enterprises focus on the western region, including Chengdu

the ten-year history of the western development not only brings significant improvements to the infrastructure and people's livelihood in the west, but also drives the electronic information industry. At present, Chongqing, Chengdu and Xi'an have been formed in the West as industrial centers representing three electronic information industries with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan. Especially in recent years, production and manufacturing have moved inward, and the West has become a major counterpart (for example, Foxconn and Hewlett Packard have settled in Chongqing, and Intel wafer testing and processing have entered Chengdu and Xi'an as typical representative cases), At the same time, the obvious oil leakage of human oil pipe joints in the Western electronic information industry and the cost advantage have also brought about the rapid growth of the number of R & D centers. As an important supporting industry of electronic product R & D and manufacturing, the development trend of electronic testing and measurement equipment industry has a strong adsorption effect on the electronic testing and measurement industry. Testing and measurement enterprises have increased their penetration and influence on the western market in various forms. It can also be seen from dozens of instrument related exhibitors at the 2010 China (Chengdu) Electronics Exhibition and the unprecedented scale of the test and measurement Symposium

traditional advantageous industries attract the widest attention

"rod and Schwartz will focus on testing products and solutions for the military industry, such as microwave signal source rs ® Smf100a, real-time spectrometer r s ® FSVR, vector network analyzer r s ® Zva, oscilloscope r s ® RTO, etc. These products have high-end performance, strong and extensive testing applications, and can well meet the testing needs of the military industry, such as radar equipment. " An Yi, manager of China Business Development Department of rod and Schwartz, pointed out. Like Roeder and Schwartz, many instrument enterprises participating in this year's China (Chengdu) electronics exhibition will focus on traditional advantageous industries in the West such as military industry, including Agilent, jishili, Unilever and other international and domestic well-known test and measurement equipment enterprises, which have brought the latest high-performance test and measurement products. "We will bring 4225-pmu ultrafast I-V test module to Chengdu railway station. Jishili 4225-pmu ultrafast I-V test module integrates ultrafast voltage waveform generation and current/voltage measurement functions in the existing powerful test environment of 4200-scs, and realizes the widest dynamic range of voltage, current and rise/fall/pulse time in the industry. Only one set of instruments is needed to complete the comprehensive characteristic analysis of materials, devices and processes." A person in charge of jishili measuring instruments Co., Ltd. explained one of its exhibition products

the attention of exhibitors is accurately focused on the advantageous industries in Chengdu and even the western region. The western region has gathered a large number of national defense research institutes and manufacturing enterprises, with hundreds of thousands of senior scientific and technological and engineering technicians, forming a complete traditional advantageous industrial system including the nuclear industry, aviation, aerospace, weapons and so on. There are hundreds of electronic information technology research institutes and tens of thousands of various electronic enterprises derived from traditional military enterprises. They rely on their traditional advantages in radar, military communications, aviation Aerospace and other fields have formed an industrial position with national competitive advantages. At the same time, there are a large number of Engineering Colleges and universities with national competitiveness in the western region, and the market demand for testing and measuring equipment is very obvious

the rapid development of electronic technology has brought more and more testing and measurement challenges to these institutes and enterprises, especially in the research and development of cutting-edge products in the military industry and scientific research institutes in the western region, which will face more severe testing and measurement problems in the application of new technologies. To this end, the China (Chengdu) electronics exhibition, which will be held grandly on September 7, 2010, specially prepared nearly ten test and measurement related seminars, and specially set the theme as "electronic test technology solutions for national defense, military industry and industrial applications". In addition to experts familiar with China's military industry will deliver a keynote speech on "the requirements of military informatization construction for electronic measuring instruments", many experts with rich testing experience will also bring several keynote speeches with strong pertinence to the current high-performance circuit design, especially the testing of military products, Including that Agilent no longer only pays attention to the "latest 90000 X Series High-Performance oscilloscopes and their applications" brought by the price Lun company, the "RS real-time spectrum analyzer and Applications" of Germany Rhodes and Schwartz, and the "photoelectric test/new energy test scheme" of the United States jishili, And so on

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