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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of centralized chip removal cooling system of machine tools

traditional machining plants need to use a large amount of cutting fluid (coolant) in the machining process, which aims to take away the heat in the machining and help the cutting. However, the traditional coolant is configured separately with the working machinery, so it will be difficult to manage in large machining plants. In particular, water-based coolant, whether emulsified or synthetic, contains more than 90% water. Under improper management, the quality of coolant will be degraded, bacteria will grow rapidly, and then stink. Therefore, in the past, factories often had to replace coolant because it was difficult to manage

the centralized chip removal cooling system, in short, is to use the pre-set water inlet and return pipelines to make the filtered coolant supply tools and other materials provide long-term reliability protection for the sealing of sensitive electronic components and devices. 5 Overload protection: after the sensor is overloaded, it will automatically stop. The coolant containing chips will be operated continuously by the management system. The working process of the chip removal cooling system of the left and right box processing lines is shown in Figure 1.2

advantages and disadvantages of centralized chip removal cooling system:


1) the management of coolant is easy. Only one main oil tank can be regularly inspected by a dedicated Engineer for the concentration, pH and bacterial count of coolant, so that the quality of coolant remains stable

2) the filtration accuracy of the filtration host is high and there are not too many dead corners, which makes the deposited sludge less and bacteria less likely to breed

3) the service life of coolant can be effectively extended and the environmental protection problems of coolant replacement can be reduced

4) the recovery rate of chip (aluminum alloy) is high, reducing the loss of materials

5) chip and coolant-3 rely on their own continuous efforts and flow back to filter, which can be divided into manual control and microcomputer servo control experimental machines; The main engine is classified according to the position of the oil cylinder, and no additional manpower is required to carry aluminum chips in the factory

6) peripheral equipment with low long-term operation cost and environmental protection


1) the layout of the production line cannot be changed too much due to the water inlet and return pipelines

2) the initial setting cost is high

3) it is more applicable to the new production line, and it is difficult to import the old production line

4) improper management and design are likely to cause the shutdown of the whole plant production line

5) only one kind of coolant can be selected and cannot be mixed

benefit evaluation of single machine and centralized treatment of cutting fluid and chip removal:

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