Comparison of English and Chinese terms for the mo

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Comparison of English and Chinese terms for general valves

angle stop valves

angle throttle valves

angle type globe valves

ash valves

aspirating valves suction (extraction) valves

auxiliary valves (auxiliary) Valve

balance improves air flow and heat exchange capacity of heater and air meter condenser valves balance valve

bellows valves

blowdown valves discharge (vent, blowdown) Valve

brake valves

butterfly type non slam check butterfly buffer check valve

butterfly valves with gear actuator worm gear drive butterfly valve

buttwelding valves

clamp valves

cock two-way

combination valves

cq thread ball valves CQ threaded ball valve

culvert valves underground pipeline valve

deceleration valves

diaph Ragm valves diaphragm valve

depression valves pressure relief valve

double Disc Flat Gate Valves

double disk parallel gate valves rising stem parallel double gate valves

double opening exhaust valves double port discharge balloon

drainage valves

electric activated stop valves

ic activated wedge gate valves

electric double di Sk parallel gate valves electric parallel double ram gate valves

emergency cut-off valves

exhaust valves

free float type steam trap floating ball drain valve

flange ball valves

flange gate valves

flange globe valves flange stop valve

gauge Valves instrument valve

hand operated valves

hard seal butterfly valves metal Sealed butterfly valve

high temperature pressure power station gate valves

high temperature pressure power station globe valves

h operation mode: fully automatic hydraulic relay valves

lift check valves

lift check valves

limit valves

lini Ng butterfly valves lined butterfly valve

lining check valves lined check valve

lining cock lined two-way

lining globe valves lined stop valve

lining T-Cock valves lined three-way plug valve

liquid indicator level gauge

lpg pipe fitting liquefied gas pipe fittings

magnetic co operate globe valves magnetic coupling stop valve

magnet forele pumps

manual oil pumps valves Oil pump (valve)

meter need Type Globe Valves instrument needle stop valve

objective stop valves DC stop valve

parallel slide valves slurry valve

needle valve

piping centrifugal pumps pipeline centrifugal pump

plunger valves

pressure valve pressure (pressure increase) Valve

piping pumps

piping safety valves

plunger globe valves

quick draining valves

restrictor valves overflow valve (or throttle valve)

safety valves

screw pumps

scum gate valves slag discharge gate valve

solenoid valves

Single Disc Flat Gate Valves

single opening exhaust valves single port discharge balloon

slurry pumps mud pump

stop valve sample 600x100mm expanded polystyrene board radial Six weft direction stretching speed 0.5mm/mines stop valves

container filter

submerged motor pumps submersible electric pumps (sewage pumps)

swing check valves

swing check valves

tank lorry ball valves

t-cock tee

thin gate valves

throttle valves

tiny drag slow shut check valves

triple(TEE) Valves three-way valve

two-way valves

under water pumps

vacuum pumps (vacuum pump)

vertical lift check valves

wafer check valves

wafer plate valves

wafer type butterfly valves with rubber itining wafer type rubber lined butterfly valve

waste valves blowdown tank (valve)

water seal gate valves

wedge gate valves

y type and cylinder filters

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