Comparison of cushioning performance between the h

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Comparison of cushioning properties between honeycomb paper and corrugated paper (II)

foamed plastics and their substitutes

as a traditional cushioning packaging material, foamed plastics have good cushioning and vibration absorption properties, light weight, good protection performance, wide adaptability and other advantages, and are widely used in the packaging of fragile products. In particular, foamed plastics can be prefabricated into relevant buffer modules according to the product shape, which is very convenient for application

polystyrene foam was once the most important cushioning packaging material. However, because the traditional expanded polystyrene uses freon, which will destroy the atmospheric ozone layer, as the foaming agent, and the waste foamed plastics are large in volume and difficult to recycle, it is gradually replaced by other environmental protection buffer materials

at present, foamed PP, honeycomb paperboard and pulp molding products are mainly used to replace polystyrene fuel tank with low oil content. Foamed PP does not use freon, and has many buffer properties similar to foamed polystyrene. It is a soft foaming material, which can form a complex structure by bonding. It is a new type of buffer material with good application prospects

honeycomb paperboard has the advantages of large bearing capacity, good cushioning, not easy to deform, high strength, environmental protection, low cost and so on. It can be prefabricated into various shapes instead of foamed plastic, and is suitable for the packaging of fragile products used in large quantities, especially the packaging of fragile products with large volume or relatively bulky

pulp molded products are also packaging materials that can partially replace expanded polystyrene. It is mainly made of paper or other natural plant fibers through pulping, molding and drying. According to the appearance and weight of fragile products, specific geometric cavity structures can be designed to meet the different requirements of products. This product has good adsorption, degradable waste, and stackable storage, which greatly reduces the transportation and storage space. However, due to its poor resilience and shockproof performance, it is not suitable for the packaging of fragile products with large volume or heavy weight

air cushion film

air cushion film is also called bubble film. A special method is used to seal the air between two layers of plastic films, so that bubbles can be formed continuously and evenly between the films. Bubbles have circular, semicircular, bell shaped and other shapes. Bubble film can provide good protection for light goods. As a soft buffer material, bubble film can be cut into various specifications, and can package products of almost any shape or size. When using one and a half films with the weight of the air cushion only for the mating parts, multiple layers should be used to ensure that the products (including corners and edges) are completely protected

the disadvantage of air cushion film is that it is easy to expand and contract under the influence of the surrounding temperature. The expansion will lead to the damage of the outer packing box and the package, and the shrinkage will lead to the movement of the contents of the package, which will destabilize the package and eventually cause the damage of the product. And its anti puncture strength is poor, which is not suitable for packaging fragile products with acute corners

in situ foaming

in situ foaming mainly uses polyurethane foam products to expand next to the contents and form a protective model, which is especially suitable for the packaging of small batches and irregular items

the general operation procedure is as follows: first, inject two-component foaming material into a plastic bag at the bottom of the carton, then put the packaged product on the foaming material, then take a plastic bag, inject an appropriate amount of foaming material to cover the fragile products, and soon the foaming material will fill the whole carton to form a perfect protection for the fragile products

the biggest feature of in-situ foaming is that it can be formed on site, not Nanjing Chemical 4 The safety and reliability industrial park of automotive interior materials is an important industrial development platform in Jiangbei new area. It requires any mold, which is especially suitable for individual, irregular products, or the packaging of valuable and fragile products. It can be widely used in special occasions such as postal service and express delivery


filling various soft materials in packaging containers as buffer packaging has been widely used. There are many kinds of materials, such as waste paper, plant fiber, foaming plastic ball, etc. However, due to the fact that it is difficult for the filler to fill the container, the fixation performance of the contents is poor, and it is not easy to recycle after the packaging is discarded, this packaging form is gradually declining

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