A new high-efficiency concrete protective coating

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A new high-efficiency concrete protective coating invented by overseas chemical companies

a new high-efficiency concrete protective coating invented by overseas chemical companies

October 12, 2005

concrete is the most commonly used engineering material in construction projects. As the concrete is exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, it is easy to be eroded by wind and rain, harmful gases, etc., and the alkali reaction of the concrete will also lead to deterioration. At the same time, it is also affected by the strength of the foundation, vehicle operation, wind pressure, etc. Therefore, in order to protect concrete, improve durability and prolong its service life, what is the working principle of impact testing machine? The concrete surface is coated with protective paint. At present, the protective coatings used mainly include epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylic acid and inorganic materials. The application shows that epoxy resin is not ideal for preventing the formation of concrete cracks; Poor weather resistance of polyurethane; Acrylic acid is easily alkalized by concrete; Inorganic coatings have poor crack resistance. In view of these defects of the existing concrete protective coating, and can be freely changed according to the needs in the experimental process, an overseas chemical industry company has recently invented a highly efficient elastic anti-corrosion and waterproof coating. This kind of coating not only has excellent corrosion and water resistance, but also has excellent elasticity, which is better than all kinds of protective coatings currently used

this protective coating adopts a different batching scheme from the current protective coating, which can significantly improve the protective function by enhancing its elasticity. Its main ingredients are ethylene vinyl acetate lotion used as film-forming material, magnetic iron oxide, propylene glycol, silica powder filler and various additives such as methylcellulose, defoamer, etc. It is determined that the antifreeze and import of the protective coating thus prepared are decreasing; 2 water, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, benzene sodium aqueous solution immersion and other series of tests show excellent performance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, tensile strength, tensile length and tensile crack strength, which are very satisfactory. The important thing of your company is that it has just built the laboratory, which completely exceeds the existing concrete protective coatings of different varieties, and is especially suitable for multi-functional protection of concrete bridges, roofs of concrete buildings, internal and external walls Anti corrosion and waterproof of elevated concrete water tank

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