A new industrialization demonstration zone in the

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New Tiexi in old Shenyang: a new industrialization demonstration zone is rising

New Tiexi in old Shenyang: a new industrialization demonstration zone is rising

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Guide: standing by the central street of Tiexi District in Shenyang, the only equipment manufacturing demonstration zone in the Chinese market that brings them to China, he Xianwen, the chief economist of Yuanda Group, is proud of his good neighbors around, and even more proud of the move of Yuanda Group, He Xianwen: in this region, so many top enterprises

standing next to the central street in Tiexi District, Shenyang, the only equipment manufacturing demonstration area in China, he Xianwen, the chief economist of Yuanda Group, is proud of his good neighbors around him. He is even more delighted that after Yuanda Group moved in, its revenue exceeded 20billion and doubled in five years, He Xianwen: "in this area, the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete components has fallen. So many top enterprises are concentrated here. Why? Because the fixture used for this pair of special samples (finished and semi-finished products) has a good hard environment and a good soft environment."

ten years ago, due to the shortcomings of the economic system, more than 90% of the enterprises here stopped production and 130000 industrial workers were collectively laid off, which was jokingly called the largest resort in China. Over the past decade, Shenyang has decisively expanded the westward development space of the Old Railway West and relocated enterprises 2 325 post-processing enterprises have purchased corrugated board processing, built information platforms, upgraded and rebuilt enterprise production processes, and made a large number of enterprises rise to the international market. After the heavy-duty plant in Shenyang, which suffered heavy losses, was reorganized into North heavy industry, it took the production of shield machines at the top of the world as the starting point, and won an overseas order of US $500million last year, realizing the transformation from a traditional manufacturer to a modern manufacturing service provider. Liu Xiaodong, the director of the company's outreach department, "take the road of high-end complete sets and major equipment. In the past, we sold products, but now we sell technology and services to build an internationally famous brand."

the development of "Reindustrialization" must be ecological. Tiexi District will raise the threshold of access and resolutely shut out enterprises with high pollution and high energy consumption. In the past two years alone, 31 enterprise projects have been rejected. In order to accelerate the integration of industrialization and informatization and break through the bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises, Tiexi District has made great efforts to cultivate and introduce informatization professionals. The prosperity of enterprises has also spawned a new generation of knowledgeable and skilled workers. Xu Qiang, a worker expert of Shenyang Blower Group who once created "Xu Qiang precision", has a deep understanding: "contract signing, contract system. Contract system cultivates people!"

in the past ten years, the gross domestic product of Tiexi region has increased by 33% annually. Last year, the total amount exceeded 100billion yuan, with a 13 fold increase in the past ten years. A large number of intelligent products with independent property rights have regained the commanding heights of the same industry in the country and even the world. Li Ji'an, Secretary of the district Party committee, said that from now on, Tiexi District should make every effort to develop the front-end R & D and design of major equipment manufacturing industry and occupy the high-end of the industrial chain. Li Ji'an: "where is the new height? It was put forward by the Central Government: the deep integration of industrialization and informatization. Embed human brain, human wisdom and information into machines."

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