A new method of making plates from the hottest was

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New method of making plates from waste plastics in June, 2003, the United carbide company of the United States developed a new process of making plates from waste plastics, that is, the plastic plates with semi continuous surface and corrugated bone core are formed from waste plastics while adopting the one-step process. It is said to be comparable to polyurethane foam. This new plastic plate can be used to manufacture automobile energy absorbing composite materials, so that the performance of the composite materials can be maintained, such as sound boards, partition boards, mattresses and seat blankets

the final product made by this new process is very similar to the honeycomb sandwich plate in structure, with high strength and light weight, while maintaining many characteristics of the original polymer selected. It is of great significance to develop this new technology, that is, to make a structure with the surface connected with the bone core at the same time, so there is no need to use other materials to specially form the surface of the bone core

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