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With the help of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, a new environmental monitoring system has been successfully developed. Technology is a double-edged sword. It not only greatly serves the lives of residents and promotes economic production, but also brings a series of unavoidable current problems, and environmental pollution is becoming increasingly serious. Among them, the damage caused by heavy metal pollution to human body and the environment has become increasingly prominent

heavy metals include gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, etc. For organisms on earth, heavy metals are toxic and difficult to be degraded, so they are easy to be transmitted and spread through the food chain, and finally enter the human body, with far-reaching impact. The reasons are mainly caused by mining, waste gas emission, sewage irrigation and the use of products with excessive heavy metals

for the problem of heavy metals in sewage, soil and even food, countries all over the world are always looking for better detection methods. At present, chemical treatment is widely used. But scientists have always hoped to solve it in a more natural way. 11. Tensile strength testing machine has built a strong experimental database. Since 2018, a large number of national heavy weapons for heavy money participants to actively participate in testing have poured in, continuously pouring new vitality into the development of the industry

in February, 2018, the Huang Xingjiu research team of the Institute of intelligence, Hefei academy of material sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences used tio2-x nanosheets with a large number of oxygen vacancies on the surface to achieve highly sensitive electrochemical detection of heavy metal ions, pay attention to maintenance and protection, and make an in-depth exploration of the interference mechanism of heavy metal ion detection that has been bothering people. The new findings lay a solid foundation for the development of highly sensitive nano materials at the atomic level and the study of interference mechanisms in electrochemical detection

in September 2018, the national major scientific instrument and equipment development special project "development and application demonstration of full component trace heavy metal analysis instrument based on mass spectrometry technology (2011yq060100)" was accepted. The project research has broken through a number of key technologies of ICP-MS instruments, applied for 41 patents (including 12 authorized invention patents), and successfully developed a professional high-end ICP-MS instrument and related supporting equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights. On the basis of instrument R & D and application demonstration, the project has carried out the construction of product engineering and industrialization; The developed products have been successfully sold and used, and have a good market application prospect

coincidentally, recently, Zhao Nanjing, a researcher at Anhui Institute of Optics and precision machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed a new environmental monitoring system - "industrial wastewater heavy metal monitoring technology system", which can automatically monitor a variety of heavy metals in industrial wastewater in real time. It is understood that the system is based on laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy technology, takes graphite substrate as water sample carrier, and realizes continuous automatic monitoring of heavy metal content in wastewater through automatic loading and unloading of graphite substrate, automatic sampling and accurate titration of water sample, sample drying, spectral measurement and analysis. It can simultaneously measure lead, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel, zinc and other heavy metal elements

benefiting from the growing maturity of environmental protection technology, under the huge demand for environmental improvement and policy pressure, China's demand for environmental governance has been rapidly released, gestating a new round of industrial development. Take atmospheric monitoring as an example, from the initial sulfur dioxide monitoring to PM2.5 monitoring, it has gradually expanded to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and heavy metal monitoring. The increasing monitoring indicators are the incremental monitoring market for enterprises in the field of environmental monitoring. The huge heavy metal detection market has indeed promoted the prosperity and development of the field of environmental monitoring

objectively speaking, most of the environmental protection instruments in the market are still backward in technology, equipment and technology research and development. At the same time, the relevant enterprise units have poor management and unprofessional operators, which has exacerbated environmental pollution such as heavy metals to a certain extent. Therefore, strengthening pollution control is imperative in the use of aerosols and heat insulation foam, including extruded polystyrene board and polyurethane foam. For enterprises in the environmental protection army, they should look to the future, advocate the concept of environmental protection, stick to their original intentions, balance economic and environmental benefits, and practice the concept of green production in order to help the brand go further

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