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A new color matching method of modern flexible packaging

plastic bag packaging is referred to as flexible packaging for short. The color matching principle of flexible packaging printing

the color matching principle of plastic printing universal material testing machine is no exception:

(1) the color matching of printing ink should use the stereotyped ink with the same hue produced by the ink factory as far as possible

(2) try to use the setting ink with similar color as the main color for color matching

(3) when matching colors, try to reduce the variety of ink

(4) when mixing light color ink, white ink should be the main one, and a small amount of primary color ink should be added

(5) plastic diluting film is a non absorbent material, so diluent should not be used to dilute the light ink, but white ink should be added to dilute it

(6) inks of different manufacturers and varieties cannot be mixed

use the complementary principle of pigment subtraction to mix ink

according to the complementary principle of pigment subtraction, complementary hue addition subtraction. In the deployment of color inks, we should treat each other correctly. This part of consumer demand shows rigid complementary colors, sometimes to avoid, sometimes to use. For example, when mixing intermediate color or primary color inks, try to avoid the mixing of complementary color inks. Because the more complementary colors are mixed, NASSIRI added: "laboratory research is mainly to improve the durability and strength of permeable paving materials. The more achromatic components, the lower the chromaticity of the color, and the darker the color.

in production practice, sometimes in order to make the white whiter, a trace of Ultramarine is added to the white ink (about 1%) , which can be used to eliminate the yellow tone in white; As long as a small amount of titanium blue is added to the black ink, the yellow tone in the black ink can be eliminated, and the black ink is more inky. Another example: when blue ink is red, as long as a small amount of green ink is added to the ink, it can become yellow blue ink; Similarly, if blue ink is yellow, just add purple blue ink; When the yellow ink is blue, a small amount of orange can be added to obtain the red yellow ink. Draw inferences from one instance and solve practical problems by using the complementary color principle

talk about color ink techniques

three points should be paid attention to in the allocation of light color ink for plastic printing:

(1) use white ink without diluent

(2) white ink is mainly used in color matching, and a small amount of color ink is added to white ink

(3) color selection should be accurate. Here are some light color blending methods:

Pink: white is the main color, supplemented by golden red, bright red, magenta, fluorescent orange, etc

lake green: mainly white. A little sky blue and hole blue. Green, medium yellow and light yellow are complementary

lake blue: mainly white, slightly plus hole blue or sky blue, supplemented by green

Beige: mainly white, supplemented by medium yellow, magenta, or medium yellow, orange

jade color: mainly white, slightly medium yellow, supplemented by fluorescent orange red

light blue: mainly white, supplemented by medium blue

gray: mainly white, supplemented by black ink

silver grey: mainly white, slightly silver paste, supplemented by black ink

snow blue: mainly white, supplemented by light red and magenta

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