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Academician yangjinzong, the chemical industry leader, came to sankeshu to guide the work

academician yangjinzong, the chemical industry leader, came to sankeshu to guide the work

June 20, 2007

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[China coatings information] on June 13, yangjinzong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and the first director of the State Key Laboratory of fine chemicals, and his wife came to sankeshu to guide the work, Chairman Hongjie and other company leaders extended a warm welcome to academician Yang and his wife

academician yangjinzong is a well-known expert both at home and abroad in the field of fine chemicals. He is a leading master of fine chemicals and one of the leaders and founders of fine chemicals in China. Accompanied by Chairman Hong Jie and his delegation, academician Yang visited the company's eco industrial park and automated production line

in the conference room, academician Yang and his wife listened to the introduction of Hong Jie, chairman of the board of directors and heads of the technology department, quality control department, marketing department and other departments on the technology R & D level, company development, product R & D concept and market view of the coating industry. Academician Yang spoke highly of the healthy and rapid development of sankeshu. He said that sankeshu adhered to the health concept, had a high starting point, and controlled the positive and negative rotation positioning of electromechanical devices accurately, which was very rare. Academician Yang said that ecological technology has always been one of his research topics. As a branch of fine chemicals, coatings is willing to provide necessary theoretical support and technical guidance for the research and development of sankeshu's health products

at the symposium, academician yangjinzong made an incisive exposition on the application of formaldehyde capture agent in coatings, the impact of surfactants on coatings and other topics, and analyzed the current situation and application prospects of technical achievements in the chemical industry. According to the understanding of Chinese coatings, he stressed that scientific and technological innovation must be enterprise oriented, market-oriented and innovation competitive, The principle of European 3E system (functionalization + ecologization + economization) and 3R theory (reuse + recycling + reduction of consumption quota) are emphatically introduced for the modern coating industry, and the development prospect of "three will" pay more attention to consumer experience is placed in high expectation

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