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Accelerate the construction of OIML international mutual recognition test capability to help measurement instrument manufacturers go abroad

recently, OIML international suggested that a working seminar on continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments of the arc chute type was held in Shanxi. Mechanical metrology experts from Zhejiang Institute of Metrology attended the meeting

arc chute scale is a new type of continuous accumulative automatic weighing instrument that uses the gravity and impulse of materials to realize weighing. It has simple structure and stable operation. It is suitable for batching and quantitative loading systems. At present, there are no metrological technical regulations and international metrological technical documents for such products at home and abroad

Zhejiang Institute of metrology has undertaken the translation of the second edition of the international proposal, and actively expressed its opinions at meetings on plastic pipes, energy-saving doors and windows and thermal insulation materials, fully reflected the actual needs of China's relevant products to the international platform, and implemented the formulation of relevant domestic measurement technical specifications

oi new mutual recognition certificate system for fatigue test of metal materials has been implemented in China on January 1st, 2018 when materials are under tensile load. The provincial metrology institute actively carries out international certification testing, participates in the translation and discussion of OIML international suggestions, speeds up the construction of OIML international mutual recognition testing capacity, realizes "one test, one certificate, global mutual recognition", and helps measurement instrument manufacturers go abroad

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