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Accelerate the development of the information industry and vigorously promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization editor's note: 2 accelerate the preparation of the industrial plan. On January 8, 2009, louqinjian, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, published the signed article "accelerate the development of the information industry and vigorously promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization" in the economic journal. The full text is as follows:

the information industry is the basic, pillar, leading and strategic industry of the national economy, which can achieve precise control of any rate within a certain range, Information technology plays the role of "multiplier" of economic growth, "converter" of development mode and "booster" of industrial upgrading. Last year, under the influence of the international financial crisis and the increasing uncertainties at home and abroad, many new situations and problems emerged in the development of the information industry. It is an important task for us to unify our thinking and understanding, strengthen the efforts of zhaihongjin, chief engineer of the company, and ensure the steady and rapid development of the industry

in 2009, the whole industry should conscientiously implement the spirit of the central economic work conference, implement the work deployment of the national industrial and information work conference, strive to maintain steady and rapid growth of the information industry, and make positive contributions to achieving a growth rate of about 12% of the national industrial added value

first, we should organically combine government guidance with market mechanism, improve industrial policies, create a good development environment, maintain the stability of several policies for the development of software industry and integrated circuit industry, and strive to issue industrial policies with greater support for new situations. Promote the establishment of industrial venture capital funds to support entrepreneurship and innovation. We will continue to implement fiscal and tax policies conducive to the development of the information industry, and promote the promulgation of regulations on the application of information technology and regulations on the development of software and integrated circuits as soon as possible

second, formulate and implement industrial adjustment and revitalization plans, support enterprises' independent innovation, technological transformation, reorganization and merger, strive to make breakthroughs in a short time, form new growth points, and drive the development of the industry to a higher level. Focus on the development of core basic industries such as microelectronics, computers, software, key components and materials, as well as advantageous industries with international competitiveness such as broadband mobile communications, next-generation networks and information services. Complete the mid-term evaluation of the 11th Five Year Plan and start the pre research of the 12th Five Year Plan

third, carefully organize and implement major national science and technology projects, break through core technologies, and enhance the ability of independent innovation in the industry. Relying on such major projects as "core electronic devices, high-end general-purpose chips and basic software products", "large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of processes", "new generation broadband wireless mobile communication", we will improve the process and technology level of integrated circuits, core components and special equipment. We will vigorously promote the implementation of standards and intellectual property strategies, and accelerate the technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body and the combination of production, learning, research and application

fourth, guide and promote the adjustment of industrial structure and improve market competitiveness. Actively promote the transformation of the color TV industry and the development of the flat panel industry, and improve the flat panel display industry chain. Promote the cooperation between integrated circuit enterprises and electronic machine enterprises, and open up new market space for industrial development. Promote the development of polysilicon materials, solar cell industry and semiconductor lighting industry, and cultivate new growth points

fifthly, promote enterprise alliance and cooperation, support and cultivate large enterprises, further promote the strategy of large companies, provide guidance and services to the top 100 electronic information enterprises, strengthen the construction of independent brands, cultivate China's multinational companies and single product "small giants", and improve the industrial system with large enterprises as the leader, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and comparative advantages

sixth, continue to implement the strategies of "bringing in" and "going out". We will innovate the way in which foreign capital is used, encourage multinational companies to establish R & D centers in China, stabilize and expand the scale of foreign capital utilization, and realize the transformation and upgrading of processing trade. Promote the transformation of export mode, expand the export of high value-added products, and improve the early warning system for industrial damage. Seriously study and solve the contradictions and problems faced by enterprises in international operation, actively support enterprises to "go global" and explore the international market

seventh, further promote the in-depth application of information technology, study and put forward new ideas, new methods and new measures for the promotion and application of information technology under the situation of the integration of informatization and industrialization, select key industries such as machine tool electronics and automotive electronics to apply electronic products, RFID and other key applications, and give centralized support to make highlights. We will focus on promoting the popularization and application of energy-saving technologies in telecommunications rooms, computer products and motors. Promote the establishment of an industry-oriented common technology support and service platform for information technology applications

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