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Speed up the development of UHV transmission to promote the sustainable development of power industry

in recent years, the potential of medical devices and medical packaging in the United States and Russia can not be underestimated. Russia, Japan, India and other countries have experienced large-scale power outages, which has had a great negative impact on local economic development and social stability. Power experts believe that these countries have one-sided emphasis on market factors and neglected safety

facts have proved that the excessively decentralized power planning, construction and dispatching operation system is not conducive to the safe and stable operation of large power, so we must adhere to the unified power planning, construction, management and dispatching. However, insisting on the integration of transmission and distribution and power dispatching is precisely the valuable experience for China to maintain the safe and stable operation of power for many years

according to experts' prediction, the power elasticity coefficient during the 12th Five Year Plan period in China should be greater than 1. By 2020, the power consumption of the whole society may be doubled on the basis of 2010. Therefore, the future power demand should be fully considered in power construction. In recent years, the focus of energy resources development has been constantly shifted to the western and northern regions, and the scale and distance of energy transmission through cross regional inspection of our machine quality have further increased. Based on the basic national conditions that the distribution of energy resources and the development of productivity in China are extremely unbalanced, it is imperative to realize the large-scale and large-scale optimal allocation of energy resources

from an economic point of view, the role of electricity in the comprehensive energy transportation system has been increasingly enhanced. Due to long-distance transmission, the tense situation of coal and electricity transportation has occurred repeatedly. After sufficient debate and comparison in recent years, the industry has basically reached a consensus. Power transmission and coal transportation are both ways of long-distance energy transmission. They should be adapted to local conditions, complement each other and complement each other. Through the whole process of coal transportation and transmission, the trend of "heavy" to "light" speeds up the economic comparison. The electricity price in the western region can be lower than the local average electricity price when the coal is locally generated and the UHV is transmitted to the eastern and central consumer end. In addition, UHV has the characteristics of long economic transmission distance, small transmission loss and less land occupied by the line corridor. It can promote the intensive development of large coal-fired power, large hydropower, large nuclear power and large renewable energy bases, realize the optimal allocation of energy and power resources in a wider range, and promote clean and low-carbon energy supply

in terms of safety, in recent years, China's voltage level has been gradually improved, and the scale of power grid connection has been continuously expanded, but the electric accident rate has decreased rapidly. The 1000 kV Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen UHV AC test demonstration project and the 800 kV Xiangjiaba Shanghai UHV DC demonstration project, which were officially put into operation on January 6, 2009, have experienced a series of tests such as summer peak, annual maintenance and winter heavy load operation. The system operates stably, the equipment status is normal, and the technical feasibility, equipment reliability and The security and environmental friendliness of the system have been further verified

from the perspective of technical feasibility, as a frontier discipline field of scientific and technological innovation and engineering application in the power industry, UHV project construction has stimulated the innovation vitality of China's power science and technology, and established China's international leading position in the field of UHV transmission technology research, equipment manufacturing, engineering design, construction and operation. China has successively built UHV DC, AC, tower, high altitude test bases and national home appliance simulation center, forming the UHV research and test system with the most complete functions, the strongest test capability and the highest technical level in the world; UHV transmission technology has improved the technical level of China's power transmission and transformation manufacturing industry. The successful R & D and manufacturing of UHV equipment has also promoted the leapfrog development of domestic electrical manufacturing enterprises, and significantly improved the technological innovation ability and international competitiveness of China's power transmission and transformation manufacturing industry

In response to climate change, China's energy strategy focuses on energy conservation and emission reduction, and the development and utilization of clean energy. The construction of UHV project is of great significance to optimize the layout of power supply, actively develop clean energy, promote the transformation of power development mode, and support the sustainable development of economy and society with the sustainable development of power industry. Taking wind power as an example, China has the world's leading wind power generation capacity. However, due to the problem of power construction, some places have the phenomenon of power generation. The vigorous development of UHV transmission is conducive to the transmission and long-distance transmission of clean energy

in March, 2011, the development of UHV and smart electricity was included in the Twelfth Five Year Plan for national economic and social development, and became an important part of the national energy development strategy. It is imperative to scientifically plan the development of electricity in the 12th Five Year Plan, drive the transformation of electricity development mode with the transformation of electricity development mode, and promote the transformation of energy development mode

(the author is the deputy director of the Department of economy, industry and Economics)

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