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American home style is an inclusive style

American home style is an inclusive style

because the United States was a colonial country and a new immigrant country in the early stage, it brought together the national cultures of all over the world, and gave birth to an inclusive American furniture style in this culture

the avant-garde interior design, coupled with the "suit technology" like a duck to water curtain, meets the demands of householders on the living environment

the more popular modern American style home is mainly American Victorian style home, American rural style home, American modern style home

this is a group of effect pictures of the whole house decorated in American style, which are taken like a fish in water. American style curtains can be used as a finishing touch, and can also be hidden under the prosperity of the interior

used to the pure American style decoration in American dramas, what kind of American style do you think

American Victorian style

American Victorian style abandons the novelty and flashiness pursued by Baroque and Rococo styles, builds on a new understanding of classicism, and emphasizes simple and clear lines and elegant and appropriate decoration

American rural style

American rural style has made some improvements on the basis of the traditional pastoral style, which is very American local characteristics. This kind of style has always played an important role in American furniture because of its simple, lively and practical shape

American modern style

American modern style, also known as American neoclassical style, originated from European culture, free and uninhibited, without too many artificial decorations. Preserve the living habits of the soil and water of the American continent, pursue gorgeous and elegant classical style, and show a gorgeous, rich and romantic atmosphere

American style represents a free, casual and uninhibited lifestyle. Without too much artificial decoration and constraints, it can inadvertently achieve a casual romance. These elements also just reflect a need for lifestyle. The effect of decoration shows that the house has a sense of culture and nobility, but it does not lack a sense of freedom and sentiment





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