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With the continuous in-depth development of the real estate industry, modern kitchen bathroom has attracted more and more attention. Modern kitchen and bathroom is not only a concept, but also a scientific and technological product that can withstand scrutiny in every detail. Chinese kitchen and bathroom enterprises are the leaders in the kitchen and bathroom industry, and have made a positive response under the new situation of advocating a green and healthy kitchen and bathroom environment

discussion on kitchen and bathroom standards, Gutaichang, director of the quality and Technology Department of China building standards design and Research Institute, analyzed this: "As for the standards of kitchen and bathroom, faucet and bathroom, a large number of standards have been born, but everyone is very clear that there is no standard for the integrated ceiling at present. There is still a lack of standard for the integrated integration of all toilets. Since 2010, China architectural standards design and research Institute will work with the kitchen and bathroom Commission and various enterprises to discuss how to integrate bathroom and kitchen." Integrated engineering design, engineering acceptance and engineering installation, these three aspects of the engineering procedures, how to study it together, and how to establish this standard, including the preparation, and strive to do a good job from 2010 to 2011. "

in the discussion of "standards" and "patents", gutaichang believes that there are still some gaps between standards and patents at present, because patents are private and standards are common. How to integrate the new technologies, new products and new processes that have been developed with a lot of money into standards in standardization

in the face of many enterprises' own research and patent application, gutaichang suggested: many of our resources are being wasted, so can we establish an alliance under the leadership of the association and the kitchen and bathroom Engineering Committee? Can we apply for some further research work on fine decoration kitchen in the "12th Five Year Plan" project in addition to the current economic kitchen research in the "11th Five Year Plan" project, In this case, I want to start with the patent and the standards just mentioned. After we start to study this matter, I think our integration of kitchen and bathroom may have a great role in promoting in the near future

mayunyu, also the chief engineer from China architectural standards design and Research Institute, believes that the kitchen and bathroom are the largest functional units in the house, and it is also the place where the pipeline facilities are concentrated, so the fine decoration should develop towards the direction of industrialized housing. Therefore, the kitchen and bathroom decoration is facing the common problems of opportunities and challenges, development is also very critical, and breakthroughs are also necessary




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