Self made brand paint of Shenyang first decoration

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Shenyang first decoration company "self-made" brand paint

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pour the illegally produced paint into a well-known paint that has expired, and change into a brand-new well-known brand product. A few days ago, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Shenbei New District seized a paint processing black dens in cailuo street of Shenbei New District, and law enforcement officers seized 150 barrels of fake "Nippon" paint on the spot

it is understood that this dens not only does not have a business license to process paint, but also illegally fills privately produced paint in a paint barrel for sale. The on-site inspection of law enforcement personnel found that the workshop producing and processing paint had a set of paint production line, with 1000 kg of raw materials, 150 barrels of fake well-known paint products, and 7 workers were processing paint

after investigation, the coating processing dens began to process coatings in Magu mine, cailuo street, Shenbei New District, without an industrial and commercial business license from September 2010. The party involved has a self-supporting building decoration company, which once purchased several barrels of a well-known paint for use in construction projects. After the completion of the project, the party concerned unpacked the expired paint, added the paint processed by himself to the expired paint without authorization, and then filled it in the empty barrel of the original paint to pretend to be the paint

law enforcement officials said that the behavior of the party concerned has constituted an infringement of the exclusive right to use a registered trademark, and the case is currently under further trial

at the same time, industrial and commercial personnel also reminded consumers that when purchasing and using paint during decoration, they should go to the regular decorative material franchise store to buy, and carefully check the paint provided by the decoration company to prevent being cheated





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