How to decorate the small study

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Small study decoration method 1

the wall color should choose light colors, such as light blue, light beige, etc., which will make the whole room more spacious and bright, and also more gentle and elegant, which is very suitable for office or study

small study decoration method 2

selection of office appliances for postgraduate entrance examination, choose the overall bookcase and desk, so that they can be placed in a compact and orderly manner, which can effectively save indoor space, and the color of the desk and bookcase should also be mainly black and white, which also looks clean and tidy

small study decoration method 3

small study should also be spacious and bright. The design should be simple and tidy. Don't put too many unnecessary things. Don't put desks and chairs in the middle of the house, so as not to appear crowded

small study decoration method IV

small study should pay attention to noise prevention. The floor is best to choose wooden floor, and when necessary, the floor can be paved on the ground, the wall can be paved with wallpaper or board with better sound-absorbing effect, and the ceiling can be made of gypsum board ceiling with a layer of benzene board to achieve the best sound insulation effect

it doesn't matter if the study area is not large. Scientific design can be carried out through decoration and layout, so that the overall space is not so crowded. The above points are small tricks for small editing and sorting, which I hope can help you

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