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Gather professional masters related to aesthetics, such as furniture designers, painting designers, interior designers, soft decoration designers, architectural designers, fashion designers, art directors, directors, etc..

gather professional masters related to aesthetics, such as furniture designers, painting designers, interior designers, soft decoration designers, architectural designers, fashion designers, art directors, directors, etc., combined with home cases, from color art Make professional comments on painting art, plastic aesthetics, carving art, material art and other aspects, and jointly discuss the trend of home life

here is the column "sound and color master show" jointly sponsored by China Resources paint and Shenzhen Jiaxie media. The enterprise appearing in this issue is Renhao jupin, a strategic partner of China Resources Coatings

this issue's review product "Highway 1" series

brand name: Highway 1 (Renhao residential products)

product style: New American style, liberalism

target group: middle and high-end consumer groups, aged between 25 and 55, who like a noble and elegant home atmosphere, and pursue urban fashion groups with a free and easy life attitude

product design:

Highway 1 series is a new American liberalism solid wood series, with simple design and adhering to the concept of "customized design" for the public. The products are simplified and extended from the traditional American furniture modeling elements, paying attention to the detailed performance of the products while strengthening the functionality of the products; It is made of high-quality solid wood with stable structure. It is matched with green environmental protection materials such as wood, cotton, hemp, leather, and some products are decorated with metal decorations to create a fashionable, modern and comfortable home life attitude

it not only has the nobility and elegance of Europe, but also combines the freedom and freedom of the United States, a free country. The color matching of living room furniture is warm and stable. The classic American sewing process is an important embodiment of American culture. Matching with the top leather sofa is a perfect collision between luxury and freedom. The irregular arrangement of copper rivets is as free and easy as the throbbing mood galloping along the coast of the United States

in terms of the overall spatial layout, the American bedroom gives full play to its freedom and freedom, leaving room for the owner of the bedroom to give greater free play, which can not only meet the desire of young people for personality publicity, but also meet the pursuit and expression of experienced people for high-quality life

the American style study draws on the elegance and nobility of European carving, and combines the unlimited passion of people in free countries for life. It abandons the confusion brought by the traditional European cumbersome decoration, and gives full play to the practicality and fashion sense of the American study to the greatest extent

it filters out the flashy and luxurious Baroque elements in European culture and integrates modern simple elements. The American style restaurant embodies the mood of pursuing a simple and happy life everywhere. Soft colors, simple and refined lines, combined with the overall color atmosphere of log color, are elegant and generous without losing warmth

big guy comments

comment organization: Valspar China Resources Painting Color Research Institute

design field: furniture painting

style positioning: Modern American

impression words: nostalgic, casual, natural, calm

style interval positioning:

space color matching: large areas of light gray walls and floors with low purity and high brightness, combined with light beige cloth art with warm colors, and matched with dark brown furniture with low purity and low brightness, Let the whole space tend to be unified in the overall tone, and there are some hierarchical changes. There is a gentle feeling in nostalgia, creating a casual and free home environment

furniture color: dark brown with low lightness and low purity has always been a stable, orthodox and solid spokesman, emphasizing texture and style. It can not only show the texture of wood itself, but also highlight a calm and exquisite style, which is widely used in furniture

but it is matched with a large area of light beige sofa fabric, dark gray, lake blue, dark coffee lattices, light gray pattern pillows, etc., with a large number of colors and a little messy. If, on the existing basis, the number of colors of the pillow is appropriately reduced, and at the same time, the classic lattice pattern of the brown system is selected in the color, or the pure color plus lake blue is used, while the color system echoes with the furniture, the color matching of the furniture can be made more hierarchical through the rhythmic change of the color, which perfectly reflects the natural, urban, casual and calm effect of the new American style

coating effect: the birch wood itself has a light brown color, with a shiny surface and smooth texture, without too much damage treatment, and gives people a sense of time through the simple American aging method; The fully enclosed high-definition transparent process of 3 light splitting highlights the natural and clear vertical texture of birch, supplemented by appropriate shading, enhancing the overall sense of hierarchy and modernity

comment organization: Shenzhen furniture research and Development Institute

design field: furniture product design

the product shape is derived from the American colonial furniture in the early Baroque era, and the appearance is mainly straight, square and simple. On this basis, combined with the curve application of single products (chairs, sofas) and leather upholstery and other elements, the product personality is softened, which is more suitable for the aesthetic and comfortable needs of modern life

at the same time, the coating effect of the product is calm, creating an elegant and nostalgic overall style, and embellished with a small amount of trend colors, which is in line with the mainstream consumer aesthetics of the current market

the soul of style products lies in the specific culture hidden in invisibility and throughout. American furniture has experienced the evolution of several different periods for three hundred years, and has also formed several unique subdivision style cultures. The appearance of this series of products refines the elements of the early Jacobin style. In order to better create the overall home atmosphere, it is suggested to deeply explore the expression elements of this style in terms of indoor space and soft decoration accessories, so as to make the overall cultural attributes of the space more unified, so as to make the artistic expression more tension

Zhang Sha

design company: Jianmo to Jian design

design field: furniture product design

from the brand name "Highway 1", we can know its attitude of pursuing freedom. The overall environmental atmosphere of space products has a strong sense of integration

in terms of product color matching, its bold combination and color matching, free and orderly, and at the same time, there is no lack of classic American style elegance

the product itself has the massiness of dark solid wood, the unruly free and easy leather and the delicate texture of cotton and hemp. I believe it is also the lifestyle embodied and conveyed by the brand. Let people create a fresh and free wind in the tense pace of urban life and work, and yearn for American rural life

finally, it is suggested to further strengthen the laziness and relaxation of some software and the virtual and real scale ratio of solid wood parts

Chen Dejian

design company: Dejian design Kinney Chan and associates

design field: Interior Design

American furniture is very popular recently, both great beauty and modern American style are very in line with the contemporary trend. In this different room, I see different American sofas with various colors and patterns, and more diversified American designs

the dining table seems to be made of mahogany, but the design is relatively simple. If you bring a cushion, the effect will be better

the cabinet behind the dining table is relatively traditional. It is best to have a light body and the color of hardware in the cabinet should match the feeling of the cabinet. If the solid wood grain is clearer, it can better reflect the quality of the cabinet

American space is very particular about the quality of sofa. It is more comfortable than European sofa, so the sofa should be softer

Huang Guanglong

design company: Singapore Huang Guanglong Design Co., Ltd.

design field: interior design furniture design

in this case, it is a relatively common home design, and the furnishing effect of the bed is good, but the design color of the dining table is darker, so I feel that this space design is more suitable for older groups, but some furnishings and decorations are childish, so I need to consider more about the age level of home space

the bedroom space is relatively large, but the area occupied by the bed is small, which is inconsistent with the space proportion. The area occupied by the bed and the space should be in a certain proportion. Among them, the most prominent tea table is the children's space tea table, which is relatively fashionable in design. In terms of home space, cabinets should not only have squares, with changeable forms and more attractive displays

in the living room, if the carpet has long hair, the effect is better. In terms of color, if the color is lighter, the overall feeling will be more warm

the overall space will be better if the jewelry shape is more diversified


design company: shangce design consulting company lichen interior design studio

design field: Interior Design

the overall space design is atmospheric and elegant. There are still several places that need to be optimized, such as American design. Whether it is the streamline of the sofa or the diversity of fabrics, the colors and lines can be more American style, which can be designed with more attention

for example, L-shaped sofas are similar to black walnut, but the fabric is only a relatively elegant design color. At this time, the relationship between lattice curtains and sofas should be more unified. If the fabric and curtains of sofas are more exquisite, the key space can form a more prominent visual effect. If the caisson can be expanded to the restaurant, it will be more appropriate

in the living room, the new American space should be more relaxed and pleasant, but the sofa color is darker, and the new American space effect is not outstanding. The two single chairs make the space a little flexible, and the overall effect will be much better

the effect of the master bedroom is good. If there is a desk lamp on the table, the effect is better. The overall home effect is American naturalism

ZHU Zhiyi

design company: Guangzhou AoMiao Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

design field: soft decoration design

living room: the atmosphere is warm, bringing a feeling of vacation in nature. Wood is the main material. In terms of fabric, natural colors are selected, such as sea water blue, ground gray, and white is used for brightening. In terms of lamps and lanterns, retro elements are used, and the lamp cap is equipped with metal accessories to create a retro industrial style. Chandeliers pay more attention to the proportion of size, highlighting the sense of atmosphere. The material echoes the table lamp, and a large number of ceramic elements are used in placement, with pink green as the jumping color. Convey the longing for nature and the texture of life

restaurant: American rural style. From the perspective of furniture style, it adopts non-traditional American design. The left and right sides of the dining table use asymmetric techniques to create flexible furniture matching

side hall: American style in the 1960s, focusing on the volume and texture of furniture. The idyllic chequered cloth sofa with ceramic desk lamp shows a sense of volume. The cultural spirit of classic design, as long as the use of new techniques, furniture modeling and soft fitting together, more hierarchical and atmosphere

master room: from the perspective of pattern, the study and bedroom form a space, which is closer to the actual use habits of the space. In terms of layout, the size of the hanging pictures of the beds in the bedroom area overlaps. In terms of soft decoration, leather, linen, cotton and wood are used to create a sense of harmony. Fashion without losing warmth

Fang Lei

design company: one life design soft decoration design agency

design field: interior design soft decoration design

this work has a clear theme and clear positioning. The design technique is very ingenious, and it is easy to deal with the space. The functions of each space are well satisfied





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