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The study is a place for reading, writing or working. It needs a quiet and calm feeling so that people won't be impatient in it

study is a place for reading, writing or working. It needs a quiet and calm feeling so that people won't be impatient in it. The unique Oriental precipitation and ancient style of Chinese study often make people feel calm and leisurely in it. Nowadays, many families will vacate a room alone to build their own study, reading, drinking tea, practicing calligraphy, and in their spare time, they will settle their hearts in the meaning of books and paintings and feel calm

1. It is better to make more use of natural light in the study

to build a study at home so that you can enjoy the time of reading and reading newspapers alone. Therefore, if the natural light is good, it is excellent both in terms of the reading environment and the beauty of the study itself. In this way, the furnishings and style in the study will look better against the natural light

2. Colors can be warm in the cold and colorful in the plain

as soon as it comes to a regular study, everyone's minds will emerge with dark desks and chairs, lifeless calligraphy and paintings, a cold and boring scene. But now the study design can completely overturn this rigid concept. The color of the study can also be very bright and the style can be very prominent. Bright colors can stimulate our active thinking, especially if the owner of the room is engaged in creative work, it is more necessary to introduce bright colors to create a lively working environment. Of course, if you think what you need more in the study is calm thinking, you can use neutral colors such as light brown and light green to reconcile, and the effect must be what you want

3. Lighting can be diversified in shape

the circular ceiling lamp has completely failed to meet the fashionable people's pursuit of style. Now there are many study chandeliers with very stylish styles, such as geometric chandeliers, which add some loft style elements to the study, and immediately it is not a "general" study, but a stylish study

4. Pay attention to the details

the study is no longer the unsmiling look in our impression, but there can be various details worth trying. For example, you can design some small partitions on the wall of the study, which can be used as bookcases or small decorations, and it is more interesting for the overall style

if you put a small sofa or have a bay window in your study, you should also pay attention to the color matching of the cushion and curtain. Use soft colors, and you can also match it with the pillows with personalized patterns. The whole small study will look more warm! I believe that through the introduction of Xiaobian, you also want to have such a comfortable Chinese study. You can contact us online





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