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Access control system, in the field of intelligent building, means access control system, referred to as ACS. Refers to the forbidden authority of "door", It's a precaution against the "door". Here's the "door" In a broad sense, it includes all kinds of passages that can pass, including doors for people and vehicles. Therefore, access control includes vehicle access control. In the application of parking lot management, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management. It is not for the purpose of charging parking fees, but mainly to manage the access authority of vehicles

in order to ensure the safety of people's work, study and family life, at present, many commercial office buildings, schools and communities use intelligent access control systems. This modern security system is a digital management system that combines automatic identification technology with terminal management to control personnel access. Because the security of password access control system is weak, access control systems using inductive IC cards, biometrics and other technologies are gradually popularized. According to different types of access control systems, the specific steps of access control system installation are also different. Let me introduce the installation steps of magnetic card access control system

what is access control system

access control system is an effective measure to realize security management at main entrances and exits. It integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures, and is a new modern security management system involving various new technologies

the access control system adds a layer of prevention and protection to the simple doorway and key management. It has gradually developed into a complete access management system. It is applicable to the safety, personnel assessment and administrative management of banks, residences, hotels, office buildings, factories, etc

what is the brand of access control system?

with the continuous improvement of science and technology, access control system can achieve more and more functions. Authority management, real-time monitoring, record query, abnormal alarm and so on are all completed by the access control system

with the development of the door industry, access control systems have also become common, and the brands of access control systems in the market have also begun to emerge. It is up to consumers to decide which brand of access control system is good. According to the market survey, the top ten brands of access control system are summarized, including Siemens, Shenzhen Dashi, Shenzhen Kesong electronics, Israel DDS security access control, Shenzhen mengeely, Ingersoll Rand, Shenzhen Jieshun technology, Shenzhen open technology, Hangzhou cube, and central control technology. These brands have reliable strength to provide customers with a safe first evolution information platform

quotation of access control system

access control system is an electronic product. Unlike simple household goods, there are many indicators to refer to when selecting access control system. Type, capacity, identification method, size, speed, etc. are all parameters that you need to consider when choosing an access control system. The following is a brief introduction to the types and prices of three access control systems for your reference only:

1. Huaben es282-p

brand: Huaben es282-p

Product Category: access control system

verification method: fingerprint

capacity: 10000 pieces

verification speed: <0.7 seconds

communication interface: USB, Tcp/ip

power supply voltage: DC 12V

size: 80x160x35mm

other features: 3D living technology

price: about 2980.00 yuan

2. Huaben C22

Product Brand: Huaben C22

verification method: IC card, fingerprint, Password

storage capacity: fingerprint capacity 2000

verification speed: 0-999 seconds adjustable

card reading type: IC card

power supply voltage: DC 12V

Product Size: 137× 94× 47mm

applicable environment: -40-70 ℃

other features: support embedded database, synchronous real-time clock, history query, level 2 login authority

other parameters: support simplified Chinese, English

applicable lock type: electric lock, electromagnetic lock, electric plug-in lock

reference price: about 758.00 yuan

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

different from the traditional fingerprint access control machine, Huaben C22 controller and fingerprint instrument are installed separately, and work division and cooperation ensure indoor safety; In addition to supporting fingerprint identification, it also supports IC card and password identification, which can store 2000 fingerprint information. The verification speed can be adjusted according to user needs: 0~999 seconds adjustable. In software management, the product supports embedded database; The permission of opening time can be flexibly set, and historical records can be queried

Huaben C22 controller has the characteristics of large recording storage capacity and no loss in case of power failure. It supports Chinese and English languages and is easy to operate; Most importantly, this product has low power consumption and is an energy-saving and environment-friendly access control product

access control system design scheme

1 This diagram is the structural diagram of the control point of a door. An AC220V socket should be reserved near each door as the power intake. An 8-core Cat 5 cable (general computer network cable) should also be laid to the nearest LAN network switch or hub as a group network cable. These two tasks must be done. If the access control system adopts the networking mode of 485 LAN, twisted pair shielded wires are required to ensure the communication stability of the system. If the access control system adopts the communication mode of tcp/ip, super class 5 network cables are selected as the communication wires to ensure the normal communication of the system

2. For places with frequent power failure, the battery can be equipped by itself. The capacity of the battery determines the length of time after the breakpoint. For places with infrequent power failure, the battery can not be installed

3. The door magnet is a sensor that detects the opening and closing state of the door. If the door magnet is installed, the opening and closing action and state of the door can be seen on the management computer of the LAN. Similarly, if it is controlled and managed by the remote Internet, the opening and closing action and state of the door thousands of kilometers away can be seen. If the user does not need it, it can not be installed. The wire of door magnet can be two core wire

4. The door opening button can directly control the door opening, and the door opening action can be executed by gently pressing the controller. Many door opening buttons can be installed in parallel as required. The exit button is usually installed in the reception and Security Department of the front desk, so that you can open the door for guests without going to the door. If the user does not need it, it can not be installed. The wire of the exit button can be two core wire

installation of access control system

step 1: installation of front-end equipment such as card reading area and power box. Operators should first install card reading equipment at the entrance, and pay attention to ensure that there is no strong magnetic field within the sensing range of card reading, such as monitors, heavy-duty motors, etc., and then set up control boxes and power boxes. The control boxes should be installed in the environment of weak current wells to facilitate the maintenance of access control systems in the future. Next, set the exit button and electromagnetic lock outside the door frame

step 2: control equipment installation. Operators first install the control keyboard and host of the access control system on the wall, and then set the alarm device. In addition, the access control system should be powered continuously, and the operators should use UPS power supply for centralized power supply

step 3: line installation. China has issued the code for construction and acceptance of electrical equipment engineering. Operators should carry out system wiring according to this code. In order to ensure that the work does not interfere with each other, the pipeline of the access control system can be set in the same pipe with other system lines. The joint of the line is best set in the junction box, and the number of turns of the line is best more than five. Wrap it with insulating tape after making turns. When the line passes through the deformation gap, fix both ends and leave excess wires

step 4: installation and debugging. After the installation of the access control system, the operators must carry out relevant commissioning to ensure that the system has no loopholes. The operator connects the sensor to the host, first test the access control sensor independently, and then detect another line until all lines are detected

editor's summary: the main function of the access control system is to provide you with safe, convenient and efficient management. Each product has its own characteristics. Consumers can choose the appropriate access control system according to your needs when purchasing




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